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Every Dollar You Give is Doubled

Our Year End Match goal this year is more important than ever. Everything rises and falls with a right view of God—and we've been called to help as many people as possible know the real God.

Watch this important video! Chip explains our BIG GOAL for 2017.

NOW is the Time & Together We Will Make a Difference

The Church around the world is in desperate need of discipleship. In the US, the Church is in alarming decline as it continues to embrace a watered down version of who God is. Christians everywhere need to be equipped with an understanding of the God of the Bible - not some made-up version we've tailored to fit our cultures, our desires, and our comfort levels. Our desire is to impact the Church, and turn hearts and minds back to the God of the Bible - the real God.

How we will accomplish our mission in 2017

  • Strategic Teaching


    Strategic Teaching

    For too long we have held onto an anemic faith grounded in "what's in it for me" and pop psychology. We need to know the REAL GOD. That's why we are developing biblical resources to help believers, families, groups and churches.

  • Innovative & targeted Equipping


    Innovative & Targeted Equipping

    We will be launching a new digital platform for equipping you to learn practical skills for the Christian life as a believer and leader. We will also be providing specific resources for pastors, church leaders, and small group facilitators.

  • International Partnerships


    International Partnerships

    We are reaching the Middle East with messages heard in Arabic, and providing discipleship resources for ongoing support. We’ve also been invited to provide resources and teaching to the Chinese church – the fastest growing church in the world!

December 08, 2016

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