True Spirituality According to Jesus

A Proven Pathway to Become like Jesus


What is true spirituality? Join Chip Ingram as he uncovers the true meaning of spirituality according to Jesus, and how you can learn to become more like Christ based on the principles in Romans 12.

This small group series complements the Living on the Edge book and is available on DVD (six 15-minute video sessions) or audio (CD and MP3) formats.


How Jesus Defines True Spirituality

How Does Jesus define true spirituality? True spirituality is not religious activity, formulas, or keeping religious rules. It is lived out in life’s key relationships as we love God and love people. So the more important question becomes… How close is your relationship with Jesus Christ?

Being a genuine disciple of Christ flows out of a relationship with Him. It’s about experiencing God’s grace, not earning His love through performance. A real relationship with Jesus Christ will produce a follower whose life looks progressively more like His life. This series based on Romans 12 reveals a relational profile of what it means to be a disciple, as well as a proven pathway to becoming more like Jesus every day.

True Spirituality According to Jesus includes the following messages:

  • What is True Spirituality?
  • Giving God What He Wants the Most
  • Getting the Very Best from God
  • Coming to Grips with the Real You
  • Experiencing Authentic Community
  • Overcoming the Evil Aimed At You
True Spirituality According to Jesus


  • Group Deluxe Kit
    (DVD + 5 Study Guides + 5 books)
  • Study Guide 5-Pack
  • Personal Study Kit
    (DVD + 1 Study Guide)
  • Study Guide (1)
  • Book, softcover
  • Audio (CD and MP3)
Living on the Edge

Living on the Edge

Living as an Authentic Disciple



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