How to Model Jesus Making Disciples

How to Model Jesus’ Kingdom-Expanding Method of Making Disciples

Imagine this: one Christian reaches one person for Jesus over the course of six months, and then that cycle continues with each believer reaching another person for Christ every six months — in about 35 years we could reach the entire population of the earth with the gospel! But this is only possible if the church pivots from an “addition” method of evangelism and instead models Jesus’ method of spiritual multiplication.

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Transform the way you measure your self-worth when you get equipped with Biblical tools that will help you to see your value through God’s eyes.

6 Powerful Tools That Will Transform How You Measure Your Self-Worth

Self-worth is, at times, a struggle for every one of us. Were you raised in a healthy, Christian family who encouraged you to seek your identity in Christ? Or were you raised in a way that connected your identity to external markers? No matter your upbringing, there are times when we all grab the world’s measuring stick and use it to gauge our self-worth. It’s time to learn to see yourself through the eyes of your Creator.

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Imagine God’s love is a clear body of water. There’s plenty for everyone!

Scriptures That Reveal Profound Truths About God’s Love For Us

Though love is a universal need, there’s also a tragic disconnect between those who are starved for love and yet haven’t received it. Some people have no idea God even cares for them. Others are aware and have drunk from the ocean of His love.
Still others can see the sparkling, thirst-quenching water and yet they choose not to drink. There’s a huge set of people who’ve tasted the water and then get distracted and live their own way, finding water substitutes.

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