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We Focus on Three Things:

  • Teaching-Icon 

    TeachingGod's Truth

    Over 1 million people a week watch, listen or stream the Biblical teaching of Living on the Edge with Chip Ingram. Chip is heard on 900 radio outlets throughout the U.S. and 230 television outlets throughout the United States. A large number of people also connect to Living on the Edge on a daily basis through the Chip Ingram App.

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  • Strengthening Icon@3x-100 

    StrengtheningGod's Community

    The Biblical, life-changing resources created by Living on the Edge equip everyday believers to live out their faith. Over 3 million people have experienced a Living on the Edge Group Study. All our resources - whether individual, group or church-wide - are aimed at helping people move from being spiritual spectators to actively engaging their faith every day.

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  • Equipping Icon@3x-100 

    EquippingGod's People

    With an online community of just over 1 million people, delivers Biblical truth and discipleship resources that help people grow in their relationship with God and each other. Our free online resources are easy to find and share, and help people apply God's truth to their lives in practical, tranformational ways.

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Why Our Mission Matters

  • 40%

    Only 40% of American Christians attend church regularly

  • 82%

    The fact is, over 82% of American Christians only read their Bibles on Sunday while in church (Ponce Foundation).

  • 50%

    Nearly 50% of Christians who attend church weekly do not believe that the Bible is the actual Word of God (Gallup Poll).

  • 57%

    57% of American Christians believe other religions can lead to eternal life (Ponce Foundation).


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