Ministry Report

2015 Ministry Report

Ministry Report

We do 3 things

  • TeachTeach
  • TrainTrain
  • Develop Tools

For 3 groups

  • wedo-multiThe multitudes
  • Small groups
  • Leaders

For 1 purpose

"To Help Christians Live Like Christians" at home, work, and school in order to transform families, churches, and communities, for the common good and the glory of God.

Friends and ministry partners,

This has been an amazing year! In the next few pages, you'll see why we're highly encouraged by all that God has done through Living on the Edge in 2015. Together, we are making a difference in the lives of Christians throughout the world.

Last year, we set out with specific focus to get more biblical teaching to more people, wherever and whenever they needed it. We sought to provide more studies and closer connections - and quite literally - to be available in the palms of people's hands on their smart phones and tablets. Thanks to you, the hard work of many people, and God’s grace, we've accomplished a lot!

You have made a substantial difference, and we are excited to go into 2016 together and see all that God has in store. Once again, thank you for your partnership in 2015.

Together, with God’s help, let’s keep pressin’ ahead!

Chip Ingram, Teaching Pastor

In the world today...


In 2016, our teaching, training, and tools will be focused on revealing the TRUTH, in SCRIPTURE, of WHO GOD IS.

Our Mission Matters Now More Than Ever


Religiously unaffiliated adults in the U.S.

According to the Pew Research Center’s 2014 Religious Landscape Study: There are now approximately 56 million “nones” (religiously unaffiliated adults in the U.S.) – a number that is up 20 million since 2007.

This culture of "nones" comes from a lack of truth and an inaccurate view of God.

We need to stand in the gap for future generations

Pie Chart

More than one third of ALL Millennials (those between the ages of 18 and 33) say that they are religiously unaffiliated.

1 in 5


“Nearly one-in-five U.S. adults (18%) were raised in a religious faith and now identify with no religion.”

The Chip Ingram Mobile App provides help-filled, biblical content - easily accessed and always available!

“For many, these devices are a key entry point to the online world.” (Pew Research Center)

Teaching the Multitudes



God continues to bless our radio ministry, reaching millions in the United States and around the globe.

860K Media Plays in Year One!

Wherever and whenever their schedule allows, people can now listen to Chip’s latest series, watch custom videos, keep up with Chip on his blog, and more – all for free!


Teaching the Multitudes:
New Series

  • Jesus Unfiltered

    Jesus Unfiltered,
    Vol. 1: Believe

    When life gets really hard, wouldn’t it be great to know you’ve got the source of all wisdom and strength right there with you? Chip reveals who Jesus really is and how you can have this relationship – today and forever! View this series »

  • Jesus Unfiltered

    Jesus Unfiltered,
    Vol. 2: Follow

    To follow someone or something means we willingly give up being the boss. Discover the journey from forgiveness to freedom as Chip fills in the blanks of what it means to follow Jesus. View this series »

  • Jesus Unfiltered

    Jesus Unfiltered,
    Vol. 3: Love

    When we get past the poetic, ideal of love, “it” begs some questions: What does it really mean? How does it think? How does it behave? Chip explains what love really looks like for those who call Jesus “Lord.” View this series »

Group Studies

Training Small Groups

24 Group Studies Available!

God works in transformational ways when we come together in community.

  • Surpassed 1,000,000 small group participants
  • More than 100k groups launched
  • Nearly 1,000 participants from 23 countries signed up for our first live leader web event
View Group Studies

Coming in 2016:

  • NEW Study Guide
  • NEW Study Guide
  • English & Spanish

Reaching Pastors, Serving Leaders

Teaching, Training, and Developing Tools for Leadership

Church Leader Resources

In 2015:

  • First Annual “Preach the Word” Pastors’ Conference in Silicon Valley
  • Training business leaders through PrimeMovers: 223 participants in 44 groups
  • Teaching and training leaders on five continents and every US state

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