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2023 Vision Report - Building Disciple Makers

Friends and Partners,

These are exciting times for us at Living on the Edge. God is leading and using us in amazing ways. Today our impact can be found in 3 key areas:

The Greatest

Discipling God's People

The Greatest

Equipping & Training Pastors

The Greatest

Reaching the Next Generation

Our mission is to meet the need of Discipleship, train, equip, and encourage Pastors, which leads to healthy believers who have a passion to reach the Next Generation.

Our desire is to see multiple movements of Christians living out their faith in ways that transform families, churches, and communities across the globe for the common good and the glory of God.

Thank you for your continued partnership!

  • Daily Discipleship has helped me to focus on the truth of God’s Word and realize that He is with us, no matter our circumstances. My perspective can change and I have joy in the Lord, regardless. My family has been walking through a storm over the last year, and there is no greater joy than knowing God walks with us through it all.

    - Sandra

  • I believe the heart of Living on the Edge is very crucial at this point in time for Mexican pastors. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with each speaker during the High Impact Church training program. We have been encouraged and are looking forward to how the Lord will continue to equip the saints for the work of the ministry.

    - Pastor Victor

  • Thank you for your commitment to helping Christians live like Christians. Your teaching is part of my daily quiet time, and we’re also using it to disciple our youth group. It’s made such a huge impact and we are so thankful! I’m excited to see what God does in and through your ministry in 2023!


    - Kimberly

Discipleship…It’s about God’s people.

Teaching people to go deep in their relationship with God is core to the DNA of Living on the Edge. We resource people with the tools to grow in the Word of God and make disciples. When Christians live like Christians, they become Difference Makers in the world.

We provide Biblical teaching through multiple media formats.

Jacey Testimony

We are reaching millions of people with God’s Word through radio, the app, streaming, and podcasts; creating studies, as well as online resources such as Daily Discipleship and The Real You.

This Year

Over 200,000 people have responded to Daily Discipleship, and the numbers are growing. This fall we will release The Invisible War (spiritual warfare edition).


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Training Pastors... It’s about healthy churches.

Pastors are called to be change agents. Healthy churches produce difference makers. Most are humble servants committed to God’s calling, but lack any type of leadership training, and few translated resources are available to them.

We build long-term relationships with pastors and leaders through live training experiences.


Our passion is to see Jesus’ Church strengthened to make disciples among all peoples. God has opened up opportunities to minister to pastors in 18 countries around the world. Our goal is to influence 1 million churches on 6 continents by 2027 through church-leadership training.

This Year

We are on pace for rapid global growth by teaching 170,000 pastors in Africa, India, the Philippines, and North and South America with the A.R.T. of Survival and High Impact Church training that will reach several thousand pastors.

Reaching the Next Generation... It’s about the future.

God calls us to pass on our faith to future generations. The most connected generation doubts truth and distrusts institutions. Reaching the Next Generation for Christ requires understanding their felt needs and loving them without compromising the truth. To advance God’s call, we must be Difference Makers in how we engage them.

We respond by meeting them where they are through partnerships with effective Next Gen ministries.


In partnership with Steiger International, we are creating resources to support pastors, parents, and grandparents in addressing the challenging issues young adults and teenagers face in today’s culture. We recognize the significant influence family members have on their children, believing they play a crucial role in fostering positive emotional and spiritual health.

This Year

We are creating practical tools and relevant content through various media channels and curriculum to connect the Next Generation to Jesus. A collaborative book is slated to release this fall.

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