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How to be a Christian Without Being Religious

Is it possible to be a Christian without being religious? More than a list of activities, behaviors, and rules, this series will show you that the Christian life is, at its core, an ongoing relationship with the living God. You will discover how to live a life of faith; how to portray Christ’s love and character in your everyday activities; how to know if you are growing spiritually; and how to develop a dynamic, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

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The Best Advice I Ever Took, Part 1

Are you tired of trying and trying to make a life change only to be met by failure again and again? In this program, Chip begins sharing 5 simple yet profound behaviors that completely changed his life. These principles will help you not only develop new and healthy habits, but reveal God in a way you’ve never experienced before.

The Best Advice I Ever Took, Part 2

If you’ve ever had your car trapped in a muddy ditch, you know it’s nearly impossible to get it out by brute force alone. In this program, Chip talks about what it means to be stuck spiritually and shares how you can find true freedom. He continues highlighting 5 simple behaviors that’ll help you make a lasting change.