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Good to Great in God's Eyes

Ten Practices Great Christians have in Common

Are you tired of the status quo Christian life? Do you long for a spiritual breakthrough? Are you looking to go to the next level or get a fresh infusion of faith and spiritual passion? Great Christians live out their faith with purpose. In Mark 10:43, Jesus says, whoever wants to become great among you must – what? You’ll explore the idea that there are certain practices available to every believer, at every maturity level, to move us from good to great, in God’s Eyes. ACSI approved

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Think Great Thoughts, Part 1

If you’re married, you want a great marriage - not just a good one. Right? If you run a business you want to build a great business. Right? Chip begins this series by sharing ten practices that will help take the guess work out of moving from good to great in the eyes of God.

Think Great Thoughts, Part 2

If you want to change for the better there are seven key areas that you must cultivate in your thought life. In this message, Chip explains those key areas in a message he calls “Think Great Thoughts.”

Develop Great Habits, Part 1

Chip shares an ultra-practical message: how to develop great habits - ones that cultivate grace and produce a life of lasting impact, and deep personal satisfaction. Join Chip and learn how to begin developing great habits!

Develop Great Habits, Part 2

Habits are powerful things. They can produce unbelievable pain or lasting blessings. So, how do we develop great habits that cultivate the very best that God wants for us?

Read Great Books, Part 1

It’s true - you are what you eat. Both in your body and your mind. What you feed your mind and soul will determine your spiritual health. If you want to experience a fresh spiritual vitality and begin to see lasting life change, join Chip for the first of six advantages of reading great books.

Read Great Books, Part 2

It’s true - you are what you eat. Both in your body and your mind. What you feed your mind and soul will determine your spiritual health. If you want to experience a fresh spiritual vitality and begin to see lasting life change, join Chip as he finishes up the six advantages of reading great books.

Pursue Great People, Part 1

Relationships are a powerful tool to build character and determine personal direction. If you long to make an impact in this world there are some key relationships you’ll want to pursue. Chip talks about how to discover and develop those type of important relationships.

Pursue Great People, Part 2

The road to greatness is not walked alone. In fact, greatness is never achieved in a vacuum. It is forged in community. Chip shares how you can build relationships that bring out the best in you and bless those around you.

Dream Great Dreams, Part 1

God is looking for ordinary people to do extraordinary things for Him. Do you believe that? It’s true. But in order to move this from your head to your heart, you need to take one very important step. Chip reveals what that step is. Don’t miss it!

Dream Great Dreams, Part 2

Would you like to rekindle your dreams? Your dreams of doing something great? Chip lays out bite-sized ways to begin re-igniting dreams for your life, marriage, children, career, and ministry.

Pray Great Prayers, Part 1

Did you know there’s a secret weapon God has instructed us to use on our journey of faith to protect us and provide us with power when we get discouraged? It’s called prayer. And if you want to be great in God’s eyes, you need to know how to pray great prayers.

Pray Great Prayers, Part 2

What kind of faith does it take to ask for the improbable, expect the impossible, and receive the unthinkable? It’s a faith that God has promised to give you. In this message, Chip tells how to take hold of it!

Take Great Risks, Part 1

Did you ever wonder why God uses some people more than others? What is God looking for in you and me so that He can greatly use us? Chip tackles this question and the answer, from scripture, just may surprise you!

Take Great Risks, Part 2

How do ordinary people become great risk takers for the glory of God? Chip reveals three keys to taking great risks for God.

Make Great Sacrifices, Part 1

Chip continues this series with a topic that most of us rarely think about. And yet, it is one of the most important keys to cultivating an intimate walk with God. Join Chip as he shares how making great sacrifices is the gateway to greatness with God.

Make Great Sacrifices, Part 2

Want to become great in God’s eyes? In this message, you’ll learn why sacrifice and greatness go hand in hand.

Enjoy Great Moments, Part 1

If you’ve ever felt guilty about enjoying life, or relaxing, Chip says you need to lighten up! In fact, one of the keys to developing a dynamic, full, spiritual life is to enjoy the blessings that God has brought your way!

Enjoy Great Moments, Part 2

True or False - Enjoying life is a reward for getting everything done that God has called me to do. Chip shares that if you want to become a great Christian in God’s eyes you need to know what He thinks about fun, relaxation, and enjoying the pleasures of life.

Empower Great People, Part 1

Chip answers the question: “Who is the greatest?” It may be surprising to learn that scripture actually advocates pursuing greatness. But as you’ll hear, desiring greatness is something that will help you go from good to great in God’s eyes

Empower Great People, Part 2

Great Christians throughout history have left an indelible mark by doing three things. These three things are the keys to leaving your own legacy that lasts forever. Chip explains what those three keys are and how to begin putting them into action in the next 24 hours.