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Jesus Offers Hope

We all put our hope in something or someone. Hope is the oxygen of the soul! At some point, though, most of us experience hope that never pans out. What then? Is it possible to hang on to hope when life doesn’t make sense or when things go from bad to worse? Or, maybe you’ve received exactly what you hoped for, only to realize that it doesn’t satisfy! In this series, Chip draws from New Testament parables to reveal how to experience and safeguard unshakable hope, in spite of your circumstances.

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When You Hit Rock Bottom, Part 1

Are you in need of hope today? Are you longing to find that sense of purpose, or experience the joy you once knew? Chip begins this series with a message designed with you in mind. We all need to be reminded the Jesus Offers Hope!

When You Hit Rock Bottom, Part 2

Hitting rock bottom. Ever been there? Maybe you’re there now. If so, Chip explains, in very practical terms, what to do when you’ve hit rock bottom.

When Being Good Isn't Good Enough, Part 1

Is it possible to do all the right things and still end up in the wrong place? Chip shares the story of someone who lived a very good life, but wound up in a very bad place. We’ll find out why, and how you can keep that from happening to you.

When Being Good Isn't Good Enough, Part 2

Do you ever get the sense that there must be “more” to the Christian life? I mean, you’re doing all the right stuff, praying, reading your Bible, going to church, giving generously, but it’s just flat. Could it be that all those good things are actually keeping you from getting God’s best? Chip peels back the layers of what happens when being good isn’t good enough.

When Life Doesn't Make Sense, Part 1

Ever been in a tough spot? You call out to God for help, and then what happens next is almost unthinkable. The situation not only doesn’t get any better, but it gets absolutely impossible. In this message, Chip asks the question: Could it be that God wanted your situation to go from bad to impossible? What do you do when life just doesn't make sense?

When Life Doesn't Make Sense, Part 2

Is there someone you know who’s going through a very hard time right now? Maybe a job loss, a health issue, a problem with one of their children. How do you come along side them to really make a difference in their life? Chip explains how to help someone when life doesn’t make sense.

When Success Doesn't Satisfy, Part 1

It's probably safe to say that we all believe life could get better than it is today. It may be that relationships could be better, or your financial portfolio could be better, or your job could be better. The question is, what if actually getting those things would have the opposite effect? What if those things didn't satisfy but just made you want more? Chip looks at what happens when success doesn’t satisfy.

When Success Doesn't Satisfy, Part 2

Jesus said some tough things while He was here on earth. He said some controversial things. Chip clarifies one of the most radical things Jesus ever said to anyone, and what happened in the lives of the people who heard Him say it.