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Jesus Unfiltered - Believe

When life gets really hard, because of choices you’ve made, or circumstances in which you find yourself, wouldn’t it be great to know you’ve got the source of all wisdom and strength right there with you? That’s what Jesus promised you could have. That’s what He longs to do for you. Knowing the real Jesus is the most important relationship you will ever have. Chip Ingram reveals, from Scripture, who Jesus really is and how you can have this relationship – beginning today and for forever!

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Jesus - The Authorized Biography, Part 2

What’s your greatest concern? A fractured relationship? A health issue? A financial set back? What if you could pull back the curtain of heaven and hear directly from God about your situation? Chip shares how you can hear God speak to you about the most important issues you're facing.

Jesus - Launches a Movement, Part 1

When you think of Jesus, who comes to mind? The thoughts you have of Jesus will have a direct effect on your daily life. The question is, who is the real Jesus? Join Chip as he explores that all important question.

Jesus - Launches a Movement, Part 2

God wants to transform you from the inside out. Is that an idea you're ready to sign up for? He promises to help you become the person you long to be. Do you believe that? If you struggle with trusting your life to a God you can’t see, join Chip as he reveals why God is completely trustworthy.

Jesus - Explains His Message, Part 1

Perhaps the most quoted verse in the entire Bible is John 3:16. Who said it? Who was He speaking to? But here’s even a better question: what do those words mean to you? Chip considers why John 3:16 may be the most important verse in the entire Bible.

Jesus - Explains His Message, Part 2

Whether you are a Christian or just an interested seeker, this message is an important opportunity for you. Join Chip as he considers the meaning and implications of the number 316.

Jesus - Models His Mission, Part 1

Who do you know who’s hurting? Maybe a friend, a neighbor, a family member - maybe you. If life is hard right now, and you need some help getting unstuck from the pain, join Chip as he shares Jesus’ secret to helping those who are hurting.

Jesus - Models His Mission, Part 2

Let’s be honest - we’ve all done things we wish we hadn’t done. Whether it was that spring break back in college, or that questionable business deal - whatever it may be - we’ve all done things we wish we could take back. Chip shares God’s plan for helping us break free from our past, find healing, and move forward with hope.

Jesus - Offers Hope to the Hopeless, Part 1

At some point in your life, you either have or will face a time when something seems hopeless. A relationship goes sideways, a devastating financial setback, the loss of your health - when that happens, what do you do? Chip reveals how Jesus offers hope when hope seems completely gone.

Jesus - Offers Hope to the Hopeless, Part 2

Does how you live right now affect what happens to you when you die? If there is an afterlife, does what you do right now make a difference about the quality of your life after death? Chip explores that question and reveals the one thing that you can do right now to change your eternal future for the better.