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Keeping Love Alive - Volume 1

Four Biblical Practices Great Marriages Have in Common

How do you keep love alive when you see your marriage starting to teeter, or crumble, and everything in you wants to give up and get out? In this series, Chip provides four biblical practices that all great marriages have in common. For each one, he provides key principles, then practical implications, and finally, super practical tools to make those practices a reality in everyday life. This is a no-holds-barred, candid look at the way marriage really works and how to make yours better. If you’ll invest the time, what you’ll find in the end, are love, hope, joy, and peace – for you, and the one you love.

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Serving - How to Deepen Your Love, Part 1

As he begins this series on how to keep love alive, Chip shares four biblical principles that set the tone and establish the foundation for the rest of these programs. He starts with a very concrete look at what love is - and what love is not.

Serving - How to Deepen Your Love, Part 2

How do you feel when you’ve tried everything you know, and your attempts to show love to your spouse just don’t seem to be making any difference at all? Or maybe you’re on the flip-side and you’re waiting for the day when your spouse finally does something that makes you feel like they really care. In this program, Chip talks about how to love in a way that actually connects.

Planning - How to Strengthen Your Hope, Part 1

Hope is great! But how do you actually get hope? What provides hope, in a marriage relationship, when you’ve made the commitment and you’re in it for the long-haul? Where do you find that sustaining, motivating optimism that helps you look forward to your future together? Chip’s got the answer in this program.

Planning - How to Strengthen Your Hope, Part 2

Theory’s great! But when it comes to facing another day of a marriage that feels stagnant, practical advice and proven methods are like gold. In this program, Chip shares some of the wealth he’s gained over the years - practices that have made the difference in his marriage -from the daily routine, to the long-term plan.

Connecting - How to Multiply Your Joy, Part 1

What sustains a marriage? What brings energy and health? Life and joy? Maybe those words are in your distant past and your marriage hasn’t known them for years. Maybe your marriage is strong and you’d really like to keep it that way. In this program, Chip explains that “connection” is the key. How do you get - or stay - connected in a way that’ll last? Don’t miss this one.

Connecting - How to Multiply Your Joy, Part 2

Of all the things Chip’s ever taught about marriage, the tool he shares in this program is priceless. Actually, he’ll tell you he paid good money for it, when he and Theresa had very little! But it’s a communication technique that’s brought them through the ups and downs of all the years and been what helped them endure even the hardest days.

Forgiving - How to Restore Your Peace, Part 1

Does your past haunt you? Do you find it hard to forgive your spouse because, if the truth were known, you can’t forgive yourself? Do you let him or her come only so close and then they hit the wall you’ve put up? Chip wants you to know there’s a way to take a brick off that wall - and then another - and another. He wants you to know Jesus offers a solution to the guilt that’s robbing you of a healthy marriage. You don’t want to miss this one.

Forgiving - How to Restore Your Peace, Part 2

Do you find yourself living in a marriage full of unspoken tension? You’re polite and all, but there’s no honest sharing or compassion? In this final program of the series, Chip shares a tool that walks you step-by-step, through a communication process that’ll free you from the past, free you from the guilt, and free you from the history that’s holding your relationship hostage.