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Keeping Love Alive - Volume 3

Four Challenges Great Marriages Have in Common

If you could take a step back and really evaluate your marriage… how does it look? Is it just a little out of sync… are there a few areas that need some work… or is your relationship on the verge of completely falling apart? Through his newest volume of “Keeping Love Alive,” Chip reveals a humbling truth… every marriage has its struggles… even the ones that look perfect. In these programs, Chip addresses the 4 challenges great marriages have in common. He exposes how – busyness, temptation, kids, and stagnation – can ruin relationships. Discover from God’s Word how you and your mate can handle these trials together – and become a stronger couple, more effective parents, and create a happier home.

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Challenge #1 - Busyness, Part 1

For those of you who are married… what does it mean to ‘keep the love alive in your relationship?’ In this program, Chip kicks off a brand new series addressing that important question. Over the next several programs, he’ll identify 4 major challenges facing marriages today, and share how you and your mate can tackle ‘em together. You're not gonna wanna miss the wisdom he'll share after 40 plus years of marriage!

Challenge #1 - Busyness, Part 2

Are you tired? Feel weary? Do the demands of life often make you feel like you’re running on a treadmill? Like no matter how hard you work there’s always more to do? In this program, Chip continues his series "Keeping Love Alive, Volume 3" by sharing two words that’ll help you realign the priorities in your relationship. Don’t miss how to avoid the traps of busyness and begin experiencing true peace.

Challenge #2 - Temptation, Part 1

It seems like every day we hear about another relationship ending because someone ‘fell out of love’ or ‘lost the spark’. So, what causes so many couples to break up? And how can you make sure it doesn’t happen to you? In this program, Chip unpacks the next challenge every great marriage faces – which revolves around our understanding of love and marriage. He'll explain why it’s so important we get this right and not follow Hollywood’s model for intimacy and relationships.

Challenge #2 - Temptation, Part 2

It's been said "marriage is like a journey" because the truth is… every relationship has its challenges. In this program, Chip continues his new series “Keeping Love Alive, Volume 3”… by sharing God's model for love and relationships. Chip also opens up about his own marital struggles. Hear how he and his wife Theresa made it through difficult seasons in their relationship… and how you can too!

Challenge #3 - Children, Part 1

New and experienced parents agree, raising kids is hard - and it puts a strain on one’s marriage. In this program, Chip asks… how can couples effectively parent their kids and still keep their marriages fresh? As he picks up in his series "Keeping Love Alive, Volume 3", Chip provides moms and dads with timeless, biblical principles to intentionally raise their kids… together.

Challenge #3 - Children, Part 2

Do you struggle to really connect with your kids? Are they to the age where they roll their eyes at everything you say or share as little information as possible when you ask them questions? Do you wanna change that? In this program, Chip explains what effective parenting looks like in this defective world. He’ll also highlight 8 specific ways to build deep bonds with your children – that’ll create a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Challenge #4 - Stagnation, Part 1

Whether you’re running a business, playing a sport, or staying in shape - hard work and dedication are key. But what happens when things get too routine or old? In this program, Chip continues his series “Keeping Love Alive, Volume 3” by talking about the issue of stagnation, what it looks like, and how to keep your marriage from falling into unhealthy habits. Don’t miss the ways to preserve intimacy in your relationship.

Challenge #4 - Stagnation, Part 2

Let me ask you: when was the last time you and your spouse had a meaningful talk? Read the Bible together? Went on a trip, just the two of you? Or just had fun laughing with one another? If you’re stumped, then join Chip for this program. He’ll wrap up his series “Keeping Love Alive, Volume 3” by sharing practical ways you can put the spark back in your marriage.