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Portrait of a Father

Why are effective fathers so vital to the health of our families and children? Why is it so difficult for men to be effective fathers? In this series, Chip paints the biblical portrait of a father as the leader, priest, teacher and lover of the home.

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Leader of the Family

Chip begins a series he calls, “Portrait of a Father.” In this message, he shares the first of 4 key areas that every dad needs to know to lead a happy, healthy home.

Teacher of the Family

Chip continues his series, “Portrait of a Father,” with some good advice for dad’s of all ages. Whether you have kids in preschool or grandkids graduating from college, this message will resonate with you.

Lover of the Family

Men, there’s something you can give to your kids that they will pass on to their kids, and then they’ll pass on to their kids, generation after generation. It’s powerful. It’s a life giving tool that will guide them through relationships and personal struggles for the rest of their lives. Join Chip as he wraps up his series, “Portrait of a Father.”