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Precious in His Sight

Seeing Me Through Jesus' Eyes

This series, taught by Theresa Ingram, wife of Chip, helps women understand that they are fully forgiven, deeply loved, and have great worth because of their relationship with Christ. We all spend many hours and days trying to be someone significant, only to realize we often don’t like the person we see in the mirror. Little do we know how precious we are in God’s sight.

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Part 1

Chip's wife, Theresa, begins this series with her story of hope, in the midst of pain and discouragement - a journey toward wholeness, concerning the same things that so many women struggle with today. Men have much to learn as well, about the women they love and their own relationship with the Lord.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Part 2

When you look in the mirror, do you like who you see? Do you like YOU? For many of us, looking at who we are is a painful experience, but it doesn’t have to be. This message, taught by Chip’s wife, Theresa, is about a part of her journey to see herself the way God sees her, and the healing that came along the way.

From Cinderella to a Princess, Part 1

One of the most devastating things that keeps people from being who God wants them to be is unresolved issues about self-worth. We all face this, but often women struggle with it more deeply. In this message from Chip's wife, Theresa, we get insights from her unique journey toward understanding her self-worth, from God's perspective. If you are struggling, God has provided this message for you.

From Cinderella to a Princess, Part 2

From time to time, we all have moments when we're determined to make a significant change toward the person we wish we were. Join Theresa Ingram, Chip's wife, as she shares how she experienced a radical, personal transformation, and how you can too.

Born to Be a Winner, Part 1

Do you struggle with seeing yourself in a positive light? Wondering if you measure up to the expectations of those around you? Chip’s wife, Theresa, shares her journey to see herself as God sees her - as a precious. valuable child of the King.

Born to Be a Winner, Part 2

Chip’s wife, Theresa, shares how to develop five areas of a healthy self-concept. This message was given to an all-female audience a few years ago, but guys, there is much application for you, too - either for yourself, or for the women in your life.

Wings, Part 1

Throughout history, God has chosen certain women to be His ambassadors to their generation. Why did He choose the ones He did? Was there something in their lives that made them more suitable for the job? In this message, taught by Chip's wife Theresa, you’ll discover how you can be used by God to impact your world for Him.

Wings, Part 2

Chip's wife, Theresa, shares her journey from a timid little girl with no self confidence to a confident, healthy, godly woman. It’s a message of encouragement you don’t want to miss.