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Relationships Under Pressure

Keeping it Together When the World's Falling Apart

In this series, Chip takes a biblical look at some of the many reasons why even our best and closest relationships suffer hard times. He addresses topics like why we fight with those we love, why we all struggle with anger, how to resolve inevitable conflict, that the only person I can genuinely control is me, and finally, that the art of speaking the truth in love is a gift – and goes a long way toward building great relationships that last. This series will help you understand the beauty of grace in the context of a world full of selfish, broken, petty people – including you! So, join Chip and get on the solution side of keeping it together when the world is falling apart.

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Why We Fight with Those We Love, Part 1

Do you ever wonder why some of your worst fights are with the people you love the most? Chip begins this series by uncovering the root causes of our fights and quarrels.

Why We Fight with Those We Love, Part 2

Have you ever wondered why you fight with those you love? What causes the heated arguments and painful words? Chances are, the reasons for our disputes are different than you might think. Join Chip as he reveals the reasons we have conflict in our most important relationships.

Why We all Struggle with Anger, Part 1

Would you like to be able to tame your temper, but you find yourself in a cycle of destructive reactions and explosive responses, and you just don’t know how to stop? Join Chip as he explains a couple of biblical tools that will help you get a grip on anger before it gets a grip on you.

Why We all Struggle with Anger, Part 2

Your anger, instead of being your worst nightmare, can be your best friend. In fact, God wants to turn your anger into a tool that will serve you and help you like never before. Join Chip as he reveals the truth about why we all struggle with anger.

How to Resolve Conflict in Relationships, Part 1

Do you ever wonder why good, godly relationships have conflict? If I love God and you love God and we love each other, then shouldn’t we have a relationship free of conflict? Unfortunately, the answer is, no.  Chip shares some ways of living in harmony with those around you and how to handle conflict effectively when it arises.

How to Resolve Conflict in Relationships, Part 2

When conflict arises, it’s a lot easier to “put up your dukes” than it is to do the hard work of actually resolving the conflict, isn’t it? If you’re having a tough time resolving conflict, then join Chip as he offers specific tools to help you get successfully navigate tough conflicts.

The Only Person I Can Change is Me, Part 1

In this program, Chip introduces a common condition he calls, “Chronic Relatititis.” When you’ve tried all kinds of ways to change someone and you’re still bumping up against the same old issues, there’s only one thing to do. Join Chip as he opens Luke, Chapter 6 for the solution.

The Only Person I Can Change is Me, Part 2

Chip looks at how to treat what he calls, “Chronic Relatititus.” It’s a condition that presents as frustration with someone whose behavior is driving you nuts, and it just isn’t changing. He explains that through it all, peace CAN rule in your heart. Join Chip to find out how.

How to Speak the Truth in Love, Part 1

Jesus told us to speak the truth in love.  But for most of us, we're afraid of potential conflict, or we simply don't know what to do! If you’d like to know how, in a way that doesn't wreck the relationship, join Chip as he reveals how to successfully speak the truth in love.

How to Speak the Truth in Love, Part 2

Sometimes the truth really HURTS! Getting straight talk from a friend is about as fun as getting a speeding ticket.  But we all need people in our lives who will honestly level with us!  Chip explains why it’s so important to be a truth-telling person with those we love.