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The Book of 1 Timothy

Life Coaching from the Apostle Paul

If you looked up the word coach in the dictionary, you might see phrases like: “one who teaches, gives instruction, or provides special training.” The question is: who’s coaching you? And who are you coaching? In this 12-part series based in 1st Timothy, Chip dives into one of the most well-known mentor-mentee relationships in the Bible. Through this study, Chip identifies 6 pieces of godly wisdom the Apostle Paul passed on to his protégé Timothy. Don’t miss how we can apply these timeless lessons to our lives, and pass them on to others.

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Step Up!, Part 1

Do you remember that really supportive coach you had growing up? I mean, that person, who inspired you, challenged you, gave you confidence, helped you get better at what you wanted to be? In this program, Chip begins his series called “The Book of 1st Timothy: Life Coaching from the Apostle Paul.” He’ll focus on the vital pieces of wisdom Paul passed on to Timothy… and how we can apply ‘em to our Christian walks.