The Real God
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The Real God

How He Longs for You to See Him

There is a deep sense of unease in our rapidly changing world. Popular culture says that love means self-satisfaction and that status and appearance are what count. Social media reinforces that It’s all about me. This ultimately self-destructive perspective has thoroughly infiltrated the Church as confusion replaces conviction.
At the root of our problems lies a distorted view of God. We’ve created a god in our minds that comforts our emotions but is powerless to deliver us from evil or transform our lives – because our creation is actually an idol based on who we think God is, not who He says He is. The way back to truth and hope starts with knowing God as He declares Himself to be.
The Real God is an in-depth study of seven attributes of God – His goodness, sovereignty, holiness, wisdom, justice, love, and faithfulness. You’ll see and understand Him in a whole new light. It will revolutionize the way you think about God, others, and yourself. Are you ready for a new adventure? Join Chip on this journey to discover the real God.

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The Justice Of God

Do you ever wonder why bad things happen to good people or why good things happen to bad people? If you struggle with life not being fair, join Chip as he explores God’s justice, and gives us some insight on why things are the way they are.

The Love Of God

"If you really love me, you'd..." we've all heard that line before. We have an idea of what real love is and we hope we get it, but what happens when we don't? Do we doubt others? Do we doubt ourselves? Do we doubt God? In this message , Chip dives deep into God's love and what that means for every one who's longing for true love.

The Faithfulness Of God

God is 100% dependable - He will NEVER give up on you or desert you in a time of need. So no matter how you FEEL, the truth is He made a promise to be faithful. Join Chip as he assures you that in the abundant and the lean times, in joy and in sorrow, God is right there with you because He is always faithful.