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What Now? What Next?

Making Disciples in a Disrupted World

In the day-to-day reality of increasing upheaval and discord, how are Christians to think and behave? How do we anchor our conversations and attitudes when everything in us wants to either retreat or lash out in anger? In this new series, Chip provides a biblical path to allowing Christ to reign in us and work through us no matter what’s going on.

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Healing Not Hostility, Part 2

Who’s that person in your life that you disagree with on everything? It doesn’t matter what you’re talking about, you’re always at odds. In this program, Chip asks: do you wish there was a better way? As he picks up in his series, Chip encourages believers to avoid hostility and pursue healthy relationships.

Relationships Not Real Estate, Part 1

Are you aware there’s a silent killer that’s ruining families, and causing fear and depression to skyrocket? In this program, Chip reveals this pervasive disease as isolation. This season of separation, distancing and seclusion has certainly been difficult for all of us. Hear why we desperately need community as Chip shares how Jesus prioritized relationships.

Relationships Not Real Estate, Part 2

Are you lonely? Feeling isolated? Longing for some deep love and relationships? In this program, Chip explains how that need can be filled in your life. He highlights the importance of real authentic community, and how it’ll completely transform your life. Don’t miss how you can re-discover that closeness in your life.

Innovation Not Indignation, Part 1

When you watch the news or get on social media, are you mad at what’s going on? In this program, Chip warns us to keep our moral convictions, from turning into hatred toward specific people. As he continues his series, Chip challenges believers to reconsider how they engage with those with different believes – especially in seasons of disorder.

Innovation Not Indignation, Part 2

In a world that’s falling apart morally, how can we be both good and mad? In this program, Chip examines how Jesus responded to hostility and resentment and what we can learn from His example. Don’t miss the ways we can be angry, in the right way, for the right purpose, to bring about God’s absolute best.

Substance Not Success, Part 1

It’s been said that, “Every dark cloud, has a silver lining”…meaning there’s always something good that’s revealed in the worst of times. In this program, Chip highlights 4 ways God is using this major disruption and reveals a major discipline we need to take more seriously. Don’t miss how we can be more authentic Christians in this disrupted world.

Substance Not Success, Part 2

Do you feel overwhelmed right now? Are you lacking the motivation to do what you know is right? In this program, Chip wraps up his message on success by highlighting the issue of temptation. Chip shares how Jesus handled being tempted and highlights the example Christ modeled for us to get God’s best

Trust Not Technology, Part 1

What does it look like to trust God, even in the midst of life’s most challenging times? In this program, Chip answers that question as he wraps up his series. He shares his journey of ministering to pastors throughout the pandemic and highlights ways the Gospel continues to transform hearts all around the world.

What's Next for Living on the Edge?

On a special edition of Living on the Edge, Chip is joined by the ministry’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Accardy. The two look back at the incredible opportunities God provided for Living on the Edge throughout the last year and a half. They also share 3 important goals, God’s prompting Living on the Edge to fulfill in the future.