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“For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.”

– 2 Chronicles 16:9 NASB

Dear Friend,

God spoke to me through the verse above, way back when I was a young basketball coach and teacher and starting to see and comprehend the depth of the world’s needs. As a result, I felt compelled to raise my hand and say, “Here am I, Lord.”

Even so, I never dreamed I’d be a pastor, be in any vocational ministry, or speak to millions of people each week. Over the years, whenever I came to a crossroads that demanded I be “ALL IN” — that would cost far more than I thought I signed up for — the Lord always brought me back to this passage. Today I find myself in that situation again. Most of you have heard that I recently transitioned from my role as Senior Pastor at Venture Christian Church to be fully focused on ministry through Living on the Edge.

Yet each time I have said “yes” to God (often reluctantly) and moved across the country, took on a new ministry, or traveled to new parts of the world, God has always kept His promise. He has strongly supported me and my family and has met all the needs of Living on the Edge.

Just when I thought the really big steps of faith were in the rearview mirror, the Lord has:

  • burdened my heart for the United States and His Church like never before.
  • unexpectantly and historically opened doors to China just prior to a new wave of persecution of His Church there.
  • been using (unknown to me) our broadcasts, translated books, and then a conference that brought 400 top leaders to launch partnerships and ministry to the Middle East.

Eight months ago, I sat on the floor drinking coffee with Theresa at 5 a.m. after returning from the Middle East. That morning, I shared with her that I sensed that God was really up to something big. Theresa’s words of affirmation and admonition were the key to yet another big step of faith.

“Chip, God spoke through you with a power like I have never seen before. He’s doing something extraordinary that you really need to pay attention to!”

I reminded her of the lack of security, the changes and challenges and risks that leaving my role as Senior Pastor at the church would mean. Her response was classic, “Chip, God has always taken care of us with every big step in the past.”

What a great reminder! We never graduate from the call of Romans 12:1 to be “ALL IN” with our lives, dreams, jobs, family, money, and future. It is, in fact, the “spiritual offering” that God requires of all of us.

I’ve outlined the dramatic changes that have occurred in the last 18 months and the extraordinary opportunities Jesus has set before us to “stand in the gap” for the land – in the U.S., in China, and in the Middle East (see the enclosed chart).

I am committed to “standing in the gap” and I need your help – will you stand with me? For me, it means a shift from a primary focus on one church as Senior Pastor to tens of thousands of pastors and churches in the three most strategic places in the world. For all of us, it means raising our level of commitment, focus, and coming together to help one another truly live like Christians in a world where it is hard to be a Christian.

Along with our expanding work with China, the Middle East, and U.S. Pastors, we will also be developing new content for our broadcast on radio, podcasts, app, TV, and satellite around the world. In addition, we will be leveraging new technology and developing resources to meet the next generation in their digital, social media-driven world (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat) and all of these efforts will require significant funding.

My question for you is…Will you raise your hand and say, “Here am I, Lord”?

I’m asking you to help us double what is given between November 27th and December 31st. Theresa and I, along with a small group of fellow ministry partners have come together to create a $1.5 million match. That means every gift given up to that amount will be doubled, dollar-for-dollar!

This will cover all our ongoing expenses to end the year strong, as well as position us to launch the top priorities I outlined on the enclosed chart.

  • AMERICA IS IN CRISIS:  Hatred, division, moral decay, debt, and a Church that’s faltering with discouraged pastors, losing its younger generations, and compromising its historic doctrine.
  • CHINA IS CLOSING:  Both the registered church and house churches are coming under severe persecution with children being banned from church, crosses being removed across the land, and Western partners being expelled.
  • THE MIDDLE EAST IS CALLING:  The refugee crisis has launched a revival, tens of thousands are coming to Christ, and new believers and churches are in urgent need of help.

In Ezekiel’s day, God could not find one person to “stand in the gap” and the result was devastating. I believe with all my heart that we can make a difference, but it will require fresh faith and unwavering commitment — and it requires each of us to do our part.

Will you pray and ask God what He would have you do to “stand in the gap” with us? We are compelled to be a catalyst and God is calling us to make a difference. We need your fervent prayers and financial partnership.

God has called us to help Christians live like Christians across America and around the world. Will you join us?

Thank you in advance for doing whatever God leads you to do,


P.S. Thanks to the generosity of a small group of ministry partners, EVERY DOLLAR WILL BE MATCHED, dollar-for-dollar during the month of December.