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Important Message from Chip

The God of heaven will give us success. We His servants will start rebuilding.
Nehemiah 2:20, NIV

Dear Friend,

In this busy time of year—especially with conflict and strife all around us—I sometimes find myself feeling discouraged or overwhelmed by it all. I’m sure you can relate. But I’m reminded this Christmas that Jesus came to bring peace. No matter what is happening in the world, God will orchestrate His plans to completion. Whatever He calls us to, we must be faithful to do our part. “We his servants will start rebuilding.”

Whenever we champion God’s agenda, we are invading enemy territory.

There will be resistance. Many people are disillusioned when they encounter adversity, as if it’s a sign of God’s lack of favor, but hardship doesn’t mean we’ve done anything wrong. When we take steps of holy ambition, we stir up unholy opposition. Things tend to get worse before they get better.

Nehemiah and the people of Jerusalem faced intense ridicule, criticism, and discouragement as they worked to rebuild the wall. They were surrounded by antagonists who threatened them, bullied them, and tried to undermine their work. In response, Nehemiah prayed (Nehemiah 4:4–5). He took the matter to God. But he also took bold action (verse 6). He locked arms with his fellow laborers and resolved to continue the work.

Making a difference in this world requires a courageous soul. Opposition will come, but those with holy ambition refuse to be intimidated or distracted. We have all faced pain, problems, challenges, injustices, and rejection, but so did everyone in the Bible who accomplished something great for God. No matter what we face, we have confidence knowing that “the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His” (2 Chronicles 16:9, NASB1995).

It is not only possible to overcome the pain of your past, but it is promised (Romans 8:37–39). God is with you in the process, and He is leading you on to greater things as you seek a life of impact. With Him on your side, no adversity or obstacle can keep you from fulfilling His purpose for your life.

Where the Lord has brought you is not incidental—you are in this world at this time for a purpose. Part of your journey has connected you with Living on the Edge, and I believe that you are here with us, in this moment, for a reason. My challenge to you is for you to take bold action by partnering with us to bring about Christlike change in the midst of a fallen, confused, and corrupt world.

Will you join us? It will take all of us doing our part to continue to reach the Next Generation, train pastors and leaders, and help followers of Christ worldwide become Romans 12 Disciple Makers.

We’re moving forward in faith in our holy ambition to advance God’s Kingdom, and we know there will be opposition. Will you pray and ask God how He is leading you to partner with us in a new or deeper way? Let’s stand side by side and refuse to be overcome by fear. We will be courageous and watch what God does!


Pressing ahead together,



Chip Ingram
CEO and Teaching Pastor, Living on the Edge

P.S. Every gift you give to Living on the Edge right now will be DOUBLED, dollar for dollar, through midnight December 31. Thank you for praying and doing whatever God leads you to do.


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