Coffee Break

Could God Be Trying to Get Our Attention?

Dear Ministry Partner,

How are you processing the catastrophic events of the last few months? Has the thought ever crossed your mind that a sovereign God would either allow or orchestrate these "natural phenomena" to AWAKEN our hearts and minds to a reality beyond our technological control?

In a recent conversation with some very respected and godly friends, we talked about this possibility as we discussed the flooding in Houston, the evacuation of two thirds of Florida, the decimation of Puerto Rico, record earthquakes in Mexico, and ravaging fires in Northern California.

In a high-tech world where we can predict hurricanes, measure the speed of the wind within them, track their paths by satellite, and yet be totally helpless in the wake of their power, I asked the question, "What would it take if God were actually seeking to get our attention?"

In ancient times men would explain such events by declaring, "The gods are angry with us." History is replete with mankind's nonscientific response to natural phenomenon with superstitious and tragic means of seeking to appease the "anger of the gods." Today we shake our heads in disbelief as ancient mankind sacrificed animals, or even their children to quiet the fury of whatever gods they believed controlled the weather.

Yet sometimes I wonder if the pendulum has not swung so far the other direction that we never consider that a sovereign God might use natural phenomena to AWAKEN a world and His Church that has become deaf to His presence and His purposes.

WHAT IF the frequency and the severity of the current natural phenomena is NOT random or chance?

What if we have become so distracted and preoccupied with our own genius and technology that "professing to be wise we have become fools"?

  • We hold devices in our hands that allow us to communicate with anyone around the world, yet have lost the ability to share honestly with our mate, connect deeply with our children, and dialogue with respect with those who hold views different than our own.
  • We have instant access to more information on any topic than any time in history, but seem to display less wisdom, understanding, and civility than ever before.
  • The Church is blessed with more resources, better technology, and greater opportunity than ever before in history, yet the Church in America and Europe is in sharp decline. Two thirds of our youth are abandoning the faith, while Church leaders compromise historic, biblical, doctrines to a culture of political correctness.

The writer of Proverbs put it succinctly, "There is a 'PATH' that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death." Proverbs 14:12

Near the end of Jesus' ministry, He displayed more and more miraculous signs to AWAKEN people's hearts and minds. He raised Lazarus from the dead, He confronted the religious leaders boldly, and sharply warned His followers about the kind of DISTRACTIONS that get them off the "The Path."

In this month's Coffee Break I share 3 subtle traps designed to distract us from "The Path" that God wants us to be on. I believe that God uses the devastation, the difficulty, and the sense of helplessness in today's world to jolt us from our preoccupation with lesser things.

How Do We Stay On Track?

How do we overcome the theological debates, the political rhetoric, and the complexities of life to stay on "The Path" that leads to the life God wants for each of us?

That's what I cover in this month's Coffee Break and I've added a special message and a handout that I think you'll find especially helpful.

If you long to be fully awake, to clear out the clutter, to simplify your faith and increase your intimacy and passion for the Lord…

...Please listen to this Coffee Break and then pass it on to others who need to hear it.

It will be Christians living like Christians that will make the difference in these trying times. But only those who understand the simplicity and the power of "The Path" will prevail.

Thank you for allowing us to help build strong believers here and around the world. Your specific prayers and generous contributions are making a world of difference.


Honored to partner with you,

Chip Ingram

Chip Ingram
President and Teaching Pastor, Living on the Edge

P.S. Please pray for me, Jerry (SVP of Product Development and Communication) and our team of partners in China as we distribute a total of 200,000 copies of The Real God book in China and equip Chinese pastors to communicate God's word more powerfully and effectively November 6-16.