Coffee Break
"For His compassions never fail.
They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness."
- Lamentations 3:22-23 (NIV) -

Dear Ministry Partner,

First, let me just say thank you! I am just about 2 months post-surgery now and through the first phase of recovery. Thank you for all your prayers and encouraging words. It means so much to Theresa and me. We deeply appreciate you, and I would ask for continued prayers as I am just beginning physical therapy. I am excited to move into the Fall season refreshed and revitalized, as God continues to do great things through Living on the Edge. 

This month, I will be traveling to speak at the Billy Graham Conference Center on The Real God. Next month, I will be speaking at the Levant Ministries NEXTGEN conference for young Christian leaders of Arabic descent. 

And in November, I and a team from Living on the Edge will be traveling to China where we will have the opportunity to teach and train pastors. We are also already preparing to print another one hundred thousand copies of The Real God book in Chinese to share with Chinese churches!

I am so encouraged to see these incredible opportunities God has provided for us to help Christians live like Christians, here and around the world.

Following the doctor’s orders as I recover from surgery has definitely required a different pace than what I am used to! I’ve had to slow down and let my body heal. Which means I’ve had a lot of time to read. I’ve been able to catch up on many letters and emails that people have sent sharing struggles, questions, and stories of how God has been working in their lives.

Many of the letters I read were about The Real God and how gaining a right understanding of who He is, and how He views us, has transformed people’s lives. Our situation may seem impossible for us, and we may feel discouraged, but His love and compassions are new every morning.

What is impossible for us is not impossible for God.

I strongly believe that our faulty view of God is at the root of all of our problems, and that is why at Living on the Edge, we are committed to helping people see The Real God, as He longs for us to see Him.

I want to share one particular story of incredible life transformation with you. Recently, I had the privilege of sitting down to talk with a young woman who came face to face with this truth in her own life, simply because someone invited her to a Bible study. Getting to the root of the matter -- having a right view of God -- has completely transformed her life and her heart. I’ve shared our conversation on  this month’s Coffee Break recording so you can hear her journey.

I trust you’ll not only enjoy listening to her share her very powerful story, but it is my sincere hope that  your faith will grow as you see God’s great faithfulness on display in her life. 

Emily’s whole world was changed when she applied what she learned in a small group study of The Real God. This simple act became the catalyst that changed her life. The Holy Spirit used the content to open Emily’s eyes to really see God for the first time. 

You really need to listen to the recording, but let me give you a preview.  Emily experienced a radical transformation out of the homosexual lifestyle. She said, 

“Homosexuality wasn’t my biggest issue … it was unbelief. I didn’t believe the God of the Bible. Homosexuality wasn’t the thing between me and God … it was my understanding of God, and my belief of God, and my dead heart that didn’t want God.” – Emily Thomas

So, here’s what I’m asking: will you pray and ask God who you can invite to a small group? Or maybe God is calling you to start a small group, or share this message with someone. Whatever the Holy Spirit lays on your heart to do, will you step out and do it? One simple act can be the catalyst to change someone’s entire life for God’s glory.

Pressing Ahead Together,  

Chip Ingram

Chip Ingram
President & Teaching Pastor

P.S. Join us on our 30 Day Discipleship Challenge! The Living on the Edge team will be sending you information on it in the mail, or you can find out more on our website.