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Unleashing God's Power Into Impossible Situations


What do you do when a circumstance or relationship in your life is so hard, so big, so overwhelming that it truly becomes impossible? You need a divine, supernatural intervention. In this new 5-part series from Chip Ingram, you’ll discover the steps to experiencing breakthrough and how to make breakthrough a normal part of your life.

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This five part audio series includes the following message titles:

  • The First Step to Breakthrough

What situation in your life looks insurmountable right now?  A marriage heading for the rocks?  A child breaking your heart?  A doctor’s report with the word “Cancer” written on it?  What circumstance in your life is so big, so overwhelming, so difficult that it looks impossible to conquer?  God wants to do the impossible through you.  Not the hard, not the unlikely, He wants to do the impossible through you.  The question is, how does that work? What do you need to do in order to experience that kind of life changing breakthrough?  Chip answers those questions in this message.

  • Making Room for Breakthrough

So often, when circumstances become overwhelming, we lose perspective; we forget that God longs to show Himself mighty to save.  We’re so busy trying to solve things on our own that we make no allowance for God to do the impossible in and then through us. He’s waiting for us to come to the end of ourselves, to make room in our lives for Him to do breakthrough.  Chip explains how to trust Him and make that room.

  • Courage – The Catalyst to Breakthrough

We’re all pretty familiar with fear – sometimes that fear is real and sometimes it’s only perceived.  Regardless, courage is the ability to stand boldly and make a decision or take action in the face of that fear. As a Christian, we have absolute certainty that we never face our fear alone.  God has promised never to leave us or forsake us.  So, He’s there – ready to encourage, strengthen, and support us when we choose courage.  Chip explains how the Lord willingly helps us when we turn to Him.

  • Absolutely Small – The Birthplace of Breakthrough

A mustard seed is almost microscopic.  Nevertheless, it grows into a huge plant.  Jesus come to earth as a helpless infant and defeated Satan and death once, for all.  Twelve disciples’ efforts to spread the gospel live on today as the Church continues to expand generation upon generation.  God’s method is “Absolutely Small.”  This seems so unlikely! But He told us that His ways are not our ways.  Join Chip as he uncovers the reality of “Absolutely Small is the Birthplace of Breakthrough.”

  • What’s Next? Making Breakthrough Your New Normal

If we’re honest, there are all kinds of things about ourselves that we’d like to see change or improve.  We call that “life-change” or “Breakthrough.” What if those changes or improvements were the norm?  Is it possible to experience a steady progress of Breakthrough?  First, we have to be willing. Join Chip as he explains what that means and then how to do it.

CDs are 37-49 minutes

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SKU: A933221-00 Categories: , Product Format: CD Series

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