Finding God When You Need Him Most


In Finding God When You Need Him Most, Chip Ingram reveals how you can meet God in the midst of your most difficult moments. You will move from “knowing about God” to profoundly experiencing His presence and power in your life. Whether you’re struggling with a rocky relationship, an unexpected crisis, depression, or injustice, this series will remind you that the Lord is faithful to hear your heart’s cry and will be there for you, time and again.


This is the transcript of the seven part audio series that includes the following message titles:
• Experiencing God When You Get a Raw Deal
• Experiencing God in Times of Crisis
• Experiencing God When You Feel Like a Nobody, Going Nowhere
• Experiencing God When You’re Troubled and Depressed
• Experiencing God When You are Gripped by Fear
• Experiencing God When You’ve Blown it Big Time
• Experiencing God in Times of Confusion


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