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I Choose…Study Bundle

A study through the book of Philippians


This 4 series study will take you through the book of Philippians with I Choose Joy, Love, Hope and Peace. This is a great study to do with someone down the street or across the country! Listen, complete the notes and then discuss.

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I Choose Joy

Philippians 1

In the midst of difficulty, chaos, and continual pressure, what is it that sets a believer apart from the crowd? What causes people to notice that there’s something supernatural at work in their lives? In this series, from the book of Philippians, Chapter 1, Chip tells us it’s joy! He explains how understanding the power of focus, purpose, hope, and expectation enables an ordinary believer to live life above circumstances, weather the worst storms, and experience true joy.
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Message titles:
  • Understanding the Power of Focus
  • Understanding the Power of Purpose
  • Understanding the Power of Hope
  • Understanding the Power of Expectations

I Choose Love

Philippians 2

One of Jesus’ last commands, and one of God’s greatest delights is that His children, those who call Christ Lord, would love one another. But we all know loving other people doesn’t come naturally, and it’s not always easy. In this series, Chip teaches us, from the book of Philippians, Chapter 2, how to choose love and build relationships that last.
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Message titles:
  • Love Gives
  • Love Serves
  • Love Obeys
  • Love Cares

I Choose Hope

Philippians 3

We all hope in something or someone. The question is: Will your hope deliver? In uncertain times, hope can waver. Families are under assault, the global economy is tenuous, and violence is on the rise. Is it possible to live confidently in such alarming times? In this series, from the book of Philippians, Chapter 3, Chip explains what God has to say about our future and our fears. He’ll teach us how we can face tomorrow, and each day that follows, with certainty and hope that never fails.
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Message titles:
  • Finding Hope
  • Experiencing Hope
  • Pursuing Hope
  • Knowing Hope

I Choose Peace

Philippians 4

Why is it that as soon as we get that house, that job, that car, that, “you-fill-in-the-blank,” the shine wears off so quickly – the horizon just keeps moving, and we never really experience peace? In this series, Chip unmasks a vicious opponent that’s constantly poised to steal our peace and create an all-consuming discontent.  If you’re ready for a spiritual journey of adventure and an intimacy with God like you’ve never known before, this series, from Philippians, Chapter 4, is the roadmap you’re looking for.
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Message titles:
  • In Relational Conflict
  • In Anxious Moments
  • In a Broken World
  • In Difficult Circumstances
  • In Financial Uncertainty
  • In Tests of Faith

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