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Invisible War Scripture Cards

What Every Believer Needs to Know About Satan, Demons & Spiritual Warfare


Christians must be equipped for the unseen cosmic conflict that surrounds us. The Invisible War Scripture Cards will help you prepare to withstand Satan’s tactics and to stand firm in victory over the Enemy!

A companion to Chip Ingram’s bestselling series, The Invisible War, this attractive card set provides biblical and practical truths and encouragement for the unseen battle all Christians face.

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The Invisible War Scripture reveal who the enemy is, unpack the lies he uses to distract and discourage us, and highlight the truths of God’s Word so that you win the invisible war against the “father of lies.”

The set comprises four categories of cards.

  • Spiritual Warfare Truths: these cards establish a Christian’s powerful position in Christ.
  • The Armor of God: these cards unpack the symbolism and practical use of the spiritual weapons described in Ephesians 6.
  • Understanding the Enemy: these cards explain who and what our adversary is.
  • The Enemy’s Lies: these cards illustrate the evil one’s deceptions and provide practical tactics when you must engage in battle.

On the flip side of each card are powerful Scriptures in the NASB translation. Commit to reading, meditating on, praying through, and memorizing them, which will help empower you to be confident, fearless, and victorious.



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SKU: M933795-22 Categories: , Product Format: Study Tools