Precious in His Sight by Theresa Ingram

Seeing "Me" Through Jesus' Eyes

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This series, taught by Theresa Ingram, Chip’s wife, helps women understand that they are fully forgiven, deeply loved, and have great worth because of their relationship with Christ. Men benefit as well, gaining insight about the women in their lives, and their own relationship with the Lord.  We all spend many hours and days trying to be someone significant, only to realize we often don’t like the person we see in the mirror. Little do we know how precious we are in God’s sight.

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This four part audio series includes the following message titles:

  •  Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Chip’s wife, Theresa Ingram, begins this series with her story of hope, in the midst of pain and discouragement – a journey towards wholeness, concerning the same things that so many women struggle with today.  Men have much to learn as well, about themselves and the women they love – that it is from the Lord that we have our innate value.

  • From Cinderella to a Princess

This message, taught by Theresa Ingram, explores three myths we tend to hold about our relationships with God and with others. Theresa clearly illustrates the before and after picture of who we were and who we are now, as believers in Christ.

  • Born to Be a Winner

Chip’s wife, Theresa Ingram, walks us through six essentials that help us understand and truly accept our identity in Christ.  A list of resources is included by Theresa for those who want further study.

  • Wings

If God always tells the truth, then why do I not believe what He says about me?  Have you ever asked that question?  This message, taught by Theresa Ingram, Chip’s wife, reveals four roadblocks that hinder God’s work in our lives.


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SKU: DA21851-CP Categories: , Product Format: MP3

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