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The Real God

How He Longs for You to See Him

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There is a deep sense of unease in our rapidly changing world. We all know something has been lost but don’t know why or where it all leads. Popular culture says it’s all about me – that the end justifies the means, that love means self-satisfaction, that status and appearance are what count. And this ultimately self-destructive perspective has thoroughly infiltrated the church as confusion replaces conviction.

Our distorted view of God is at the root of all of our problems.

We’ve created a god in our minds who only faintly resembles the God of Scripture. These mental idols comfort our emotions, but they are powerless to deliver us from evil or transform our lives. The way back, the path of hope, starts with knowing God for who He really is.

When you join Chip Ingram in this in-depth study of seven attributes of God – His goodness, sovereignty, holiness, wisdom, justice, love, and faithfulness – you’ll see Him in a whole new light. It will change the way you think about God, yourself, and others. You will pray and live with a deep peace and a renewed purpose as you see Him as He longs to be seen.

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Number of Pages: 289
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Publication Date: 2016
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  1. Kathy

    I haven’t even finished the book yet and, already, am overwhelmed by the beauty and truth in this packed-full-of-good-stuff text! I love Chip’s words in the beginning, “Be advised. You are entering holy ground. You are welcome to tread here, but do so attentively. The study of God himself is the loftiest and most significant pursuit that you will ever undertake.” Those words remind us of the holiness of our Creator, his sovereignty, the reason why his name is too holy to even utter. It made me stop and think, breathe in his love, fix my mind on him, and resume diving into worship and study. Chip, God never ceases to amaze me with how he uses you for the good of so many of us out here. Praise his name! I can’t wait to begin a small group study on this material… I believe God’s work, through you, then through us, will move across hearts like never before. Thank you for pressing on!

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SKU: X018893-55 Categories: , , , , , Product Format: Book

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