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Truth and Affirmation Card Bundle

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A bundle includes 1 set of Truth Cards and 1 set of Affirmation Cards

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This bundle includes:

1 set of Truth Cards and 1 set of Affirmation Cards

TRUTH CARDS : The lies of the world are destructive. This is why God calls us to transformation through the renewal of our minds. We created the Jesus Unfiltered Truth Cards to help you renew your mind with the truth. Each card has a common lie (or spiritual battle we all face), and on the flip side, it has God’s answer based on a passage from the Gospel of John.  There are 21 cards in this set.

AFFIRMATION CARDS for Women: Are you believing lies about yourself? About God? Learn how to replace the lies with God’s truth using these encouraging cards from Theresa Ingram. The card set features key affirmations related to appearance, belongingness, worthiness, and security as well as Scripture passages to help you identify misbeliefs and combat the lies with the Truth. The set also includes blank cards, which are perfect places to chronicle additional truths you learn along the way in your spiritual journey. There are 23 cards in this set.

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SKU: M93352X-11 Category: Product Format: Study Tools