Personal Journal for Prayer

Begin the Practice of Journaling

Our personal journal for prayer is a brand, new resource designed just for you, by Living on the Edge. It will help you develop the practice of being in God's Word and writing your thoughts and prayers. It’s a compact volume, double spiral bound, that includes a section of topical scripture verses… if you’re not sure where to get started. There are also a couple of pages for longer-term prayer requests… and the majority of the pages are daily scripture verses and lined space for you to begin journaling. Not only will you find this a personal help, but it’d be a perfect little gift for any occasion!

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"Jesus Unfiltered - Testify Vol. 4" from Chip Ingram

Jesus tasked His followers with a mission to testify; He promised a future of tribulation; He provided the limitless power of the Holy Spirit; and He guaranteed the hope of victory. Testify will encourage and challenge you to take your faith to the next level – to be strong and courageous – for the sake of His Kingdom to come.

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Free Online Video Course on Prayer

“How to Experience God in Prayer”

This study includes 5 brief video sessions with Chip, fill-in questions to do as you go along, and then study questions to help you process the point of each lesson. We have three goals for this study:
1) To encourage you to connect with biblical truth about God and prayer.
2) To equip you with a proven method for personal Bible study.
3) To provide you an opportunity to share your thoughts and questions with other people who are also enrolled in this Online Discipleship course.

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"5 Ways to Connect with God"

Every relationship, whether it’s with a friend, a spouse, a boss, one of your kids – requires intentionality, focus, and time together. The same is true for your relationship with God. Pathways will give you some guidelines and specific ways to spend personal time with God. His promise is, when we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us.

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New Believer's Guide: "Starting Out Right"

"Free Download"

Whether or not to place your eternal security in the trust of Jesus Christ is the most important decision a person ever makes. And contrary to popular opinion, it's not the end, but just the beginning of a life-long journey of relationship and faith. There are so many questions, so many things to know. That's why we've created a resource to help, called "Starting Out Right." This free download will give you some direction and answer some of the basic questions as you begin to grow. Being a Christian who lives like a Christian isn't something that happens overnight, so "Starting Out Right," is designed to encourage and support you in your choice to follow Jesus..

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