Today's Broadcast: March 23

Agenda # 3 - Intimidate and Isolate, Part 1

From the series Diabolical

Do you feel like you’re down for the count? Do you desperately need hope, encouragement, and peace? In this message, Chip shares how the worst situations in your life can become the greatest opportunities for personal growth – and for God’s glory.

Scripture: Acts 8

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Holy Ambition

Turning God-Shaped Dreams into Reality

The God of the universe is looking for regular people to accomplish things beyond our wildest dreams. In this series, from Nehemiah 1 - 6, learn how God uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things and the process by which He molds men and women for His purposes.

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Satan's Agenda for Planet Earth (Including You)

God's agenda for your life and planet Earth is under constant attack by the enemy of your soul, who seeks to distract, derail, and destroy. It's the ultimate illustration of competing agendas, and eternity lies in the balance. Learn how to recognize and fortify yourself against Satan's schemes, even when you've taken a direct hit....


Jesus Unfiltered - Follow

If we think about it very hard, we admit that there’s not much in this life we actually control. In this series, from John chapters 6 – 10, Chip Ingram explains that to follow someone or something means we willingly let someone else lead. When Jesus asks people to follow Him, He means He will...

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