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Today's Broadcast: July 9

All You Need Is Love, Part 2

From the series Spiritual Simplicity

Do you wish you could just put the brakes on the speed of life? Between work, family, ministry, financial pressures, health issues, is it any wonder that our lives and our relationships are on the ragged edge? If you’re ready to start loving more by doing less, this message is for you.

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Current Series

Love in all the wrong places image

daily Radio

Spiritual Simplicity

Doing Less, Loving More

Most of us live very complex lives that move too fast, deliver too little, and demand too much. We often succumb to the push and pull of all the demands. We lack time for God, relationships, or ourselves. We know...

Overcome Hypocrisy in Your Private Life, Stop Faking It 600x600 image

weekend Radio

Stop Faking It!

Live Without Hypocrisy

Nobody likes a hypocrite, and nobody wants to be one. But for some reason, living an honest, authentic life is tougher than it sounds. God calls us to walk as "children of light," but many of us find ourselves living...

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