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Today's Broadcast: November 28

Learning How to Stop Stress Before it Starts, Part 1

From the series Overcoming Emotions that Destroy

Deadlines, flight delays, traffic jams, crying babies – what do all these have in common? Well, for most of us, these situations cause us stress. We are surrounded by stressful events every day! How do you keep the chaos of life from stressing you out? Chip explains God’s solution for stopping stress BEFORE it starts.

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Withstanding the Storms of Life

What’s the key to standing strong in the storms of life? How do we keep getting up no matter how many times the waves of trial and discouragement knock us over? One word – Resilient. Chip and Ryan Ingram team...

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Overcoming Emotions that Destroy

Practical Help for Those Angry Feelings that Ruin Relationships

How do you deal with those angry feelings we all experience? In the series, Overcoming Emotions That Destroy, Chip Ingram will help you identify whether you are a spewer, leaker, or stuffer. You will learn the difference between good and...

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