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How to Raise a Healthy Family in a Modern World Special Offer

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“How to Raise a Healthy Family in a Modern World” from Chip Ingram

Are you in pursuit of God’s dream for your kids or the American dream? When you’re faced with decisions like which school? What sport? Who should influence them? Is your first filter whether they become more of a man or woman of God, or is it about prestige? In this series, Chip introduces eight actions to help you raise Godly children and build unbreakable bonds in the process.


Discuss This! Cards

Put down your phone and start talking!

Open-ended questions are often just the thing to get families interacting – and Discuss THIS! has 52 of them! Anyone who wants to deepen relationships with the kids in their lives and encourage their faith will love this card collection! Non-confrontational, Bible-based, and fun! Use them around the table, in the car, or anytime you’ve got a few minutes to talk about things that matter. Designed for ages 12 and up.


What Every New Christian Needs to Know

“Starting Out Right”

Whether or not to place your eternal security in the trust of Jesus Christ is the most important decision a person ever makes. And contrary to popular opinion, it’s not the end, but just the beginning of a life-long journey of relationship and faith. There are so many questions, so many things to know. That’s why we’ve created a resource to help, called “Starting Out Right.” This free download will give you some direction and answer some of the basic questions as you begin to grow.