Online Discipleship

"How to Experience God in Prayer"

Through this Online Discipleship tool, we hope to help you learn the difference between time spent in study, or prayer, vs. actually experiencing the living God. There’s a big difference!
This study includes 5 brief video sessions with Chip, fill-in questions to do as you go along, and then study questions to help you process the point of each lesson.

We have three goals for this study:

  1. To encourage you to connect with biblical truth about God and prayer.
  2. To equip you with a proven method for personal Bible study.
  3. To provide you an opportunity to share your thoughts and questions with other people who are also enrolled in this Online Discipleship course.
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"Inner Peace" from Chip Ingram

Jesus said, “My peace I leave with you.”  Very likely, when we pray, peace is often what we ask for - peace in the world, peace at home, and maybe most of all, peace in our relationships - but what did Jesus mean when He said His peace? And when life gets hard, really hard, we have two options. We can become consumed with worry – which is what most people do, OR we can trust God, who tells us not to worry or be anxious. God promised His children supernatural peace - even in the midst of conditions that threaten to absolutely overwhelm us.  In this series, Chip reveals how God’s peace works and how you can have it – regardless of your circumstances.  

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"How to Find Peace"

Difficult circumstances, relational conflicts, cancer scares. We all face challenges that can steal our peace. So how do we keep from worrying when life seems overwhelming? ln this practical guide, you will find four ways to replace worry with lasting hope and experience the peace you’ve been searching for.

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New Believer's Kit

"We pray this will help start your new life."

These resources are our gift to you as a new believer in Jesus. Our prayer is that they’ll help you start your new life in Christ. We also know that many people have unresolved questions about spiritual matters. For the answer to how to have a personal relationship with God, watch this video.

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