Overcoming Emotions that Destroy

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How do we deal with angry feelings we all experience? In the series, Overcoming Emotions That Destroy, Chip will help you identify whether you’re a spewer, a leaker, or a stuffer. You will learn the difference between good and bad anger, how to gain control of it, and how to use it in constructive ways. This no-nonsense, practical series, will give you biblical tools to express your anger appropriately and deal with those who express their anger toward you.


FREE Online Video Course:

“Getting Started as a Small Group Leader”

This free, online video course from Living on the Edge will prepare you with the facts of how to lead a small group. It’s simple and will help you overcome the normal anxiety of taking a step of faith. Let us help you feel more confident and prepared to lead well. You’re not alone – we’re with you! and better yet, so is God!


Truth & Affirmation Card Set Bundles

A Perfect Gift for Grads and Dads

Looking for a gift for your graduate? Want a way to bless the dads in your family, church, or community? The Truth and Affirmation Card Sets from Chip and Theresa Ingram are designed to help people overcome the lies that hold them back, leaving a lasting spiritual impact. Bundle both sets and save!


Personal Bible Study

“Encountering Jesus in the Gospel of John”

The Gospel of John is filled with rich truth about who Jesus is and why He came to Earth. Each month, we will unpack various portions of this gospel – with each chapter drawing you deeper into relationship with Jesus. This digital Bible study provides a perfect way to be in Scripture daily and practice the skills outlined in our free course, How to Hear God’s Voice in Scripture.


Free Online Video Discipleship Course

“How to Hear God’s Voice in Scripture”

Want to know God’s will for your life? The best way to hear God speak is to spend time with God in Scripture. Your relationship with the Word will determine your relationship to the Lord. This 5-session video course will help you do more than just study the Bible or have intellectual knowledge about God. It will help you grow closer to God as Chip equips you to authentically hear God’s Voice.


What Every New Christian Needs to Know

“Starting Out Right”

Whether or not to place your eternal security in the trust of Jesus Christ is the most important decision a person ever makes. And contrary to popular opinion, it’s not the end, but just the beginning of a life-long journey of relationship and faith. There are so many questions, so many things to know. That’s why we’ve created a resource to help, called “Starting Out Right.” This free download will give you some direction and answer some of the basic questions as you begin to grow.