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Idol worship is as much of a struggle for Christians today as it was for the Israelites two thousand years ago. 

3 Ways Idol Worship is at the Root of Every Sin

It’s easy to give ourselves a pass on the commandments that forbid idol worship. In our culture, we don’t carve images to be served and most of us never physically bow to anything. And yet, if we explore what idol worship means, we’d be surprised by its pervasiveness in our everyday lives.

5 Bible Verses To Inspire and Direct Biblical Accountability Relationships

While most of us intellectually generally agree on the concept of being one another’s keeper, we have varied in our approach to living that out. If we agree that it works, why aren’t we engaging? I believe we’ve forgotten the power of biblical accountability relationships and the impact they can have on our spiritual walk and lifelong legacy.

Experience a balanced life when you see time and money as gifts and guides from God to help you align with your unique design and purpose. 

The Two Words That are Key to Enjoying a Balanced Life

God’s highest and best is achieved and accomplished in us when we choose to live a balanced life with healthy priorities. The question is: how do we achieve that in the current era of chronic busyness when our time is filled with good and necessary things? 

Cultivate a deeper spiritual life when you resolve to spend daily time with God in 2022. Pray for faith and impact with these prayers.

5 Simple Prayers That Will Deepen Your Faith This Year

When it comes to my spiritual walk, I have found what keeps me motivated day in and day out, for decades on end. No practice has impacted my faith more than spending time with God. To pass along the tricks I’ve used to cement this habit into my life, I’ve broken it down into five simple prayers that reflect powerful principles I’d like to share with you. 

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