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Like a soldier preparing for battle, equip yourself to resist spiritual warfare with these 12 Scriptures

12 Powerful Scriptures For Spiritual Warfare Resistance

The Scriptures reveal the spiritual warfare that’s occurring under our noses, both in obvious and subtle ways. In this article, we’ll spotlight 12 Bible verses you can hold on to for recognizing and resisting the Enemy’s plans. Because for every person on the planet — and for this planet itself — there are two competing agendas: life and death. 

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4 Beliefs That Will Catapult Your Growth As A Christian

I’m often asked the seemingly simple question, “How can I grow as a Christian?” This inquiry comes from lifetime students of the Bible as well as new converts. Because we all know how to learn more and do more, but what about being more effective and living out the calling of Jesus to be witnesses to the ends of the earth? How do we get to a place where we’re willing to live our lives that way?

Woman praying with a city in the background, ready to change the world

How Do Regular People Like Us Change The World? Start With These 6 Steps

After the resurrection, Jesus spent 40 days investing in His followers: praying, teaching and living alongside them. He was preparing them for their next assignment. It’s our assignment, too. God uses regular people like you and me to change the world. Experience it for yourself when you follow these 6 steps.

4 Events that Explain God's Grace for Prodigal Sons 900x600 jpeg

4 Events That Explain God’s Grace For Prodigal Sons

Let’s talk about grace. 4 events that explain God’s grace for the prodigal sons: Something valuable was lost. An intensive search ensues. Something lost was found. An incredible celebration occurs.   Do you secretly wonder how God feels about you?…

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