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Trust God in a complex, divided world.

How To Trust God Every Day In A Divided, Post-truth World

What does it look like to put your trust in God every day in a post-truth, divided world? When our world gets shaky and we’re faced with uncertainty, our reaction to those circumstances says a lot about the object of our hope. Is it possible to trust God and cling to hope in a divided, post-truth world?

2021 7 Key Elements Exclusive to Biblical Friendships 900x600 jpg

7 Key Elements That Are Exclusive To Building Genuine Biblical Friendships

What makes a bond between two people a genuine, biblical friendship? What does the Bible say about friendship? Since our childhoods, we’ve been creating associations with others. We know how to strike up conversation and find shared interests. But do we know how to move from small talk to intimacy? Can you imagine having the kind of biblical friendship that’s based on faith, commitment, loyalty and pointing each other to Jesus?

Authentic Christianity starts with an accurate view of the Creator

3 Key Principles To Grasp If You Want To Practice Authentic Christianity

At a pivotal moment in my teenage years, I came to realize that God genuinely cared about me. But it wasn’t until later that I understood the difference between following the rules and practicing authentic Christianity.  Let’s unpack Romans 12…

Chip's Blog: The One Thing You Need to Know to Pray With Absolute Confidence 900x600 jpg

The One Thing You Need To Know To Pray With Absolute Confidence

Have you ever tried hard to pray with confidence? What did it look like for you? Did you have the assurance the writer talks about in the verse? Maybe you started out discouraged, but then you turned desire into determination and prayed with boldness that God would answer your prayer. I’ve been there many times in life, and eventually I learned that I was missing one key ingredient.

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