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Helping you Grow Closer to God

Today's Broadcast: July 23

Baby Steps that Change the World - Part 1

Series: Unstoppable

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Scripture: Acts 3
God wants to use you to change the world. Yes, you. He’s designed you for impact.., and has placed His Spirit inside you to give you all the power you need to accomplish His will. The question is: are you positioned to receive all that He has for you? Chip shares how to take those first baby steps to change your world. Message Notes Archive Special Offers
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Helping you Grow Closer to God

Living on the Edge

Helping You Grow Closer to God

You are loved, unique, and your life has a purpose.

The God who created you wants to help you discover His love, grow in His grace, connect with His family and fulfill your purpose.

Help Me Grow

"It does my heart good and it gives me peace to listen to Chip's messages. I have learned so much about God and how to apply the Bible to my life!" 

- Jeannie

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July 23, 2018

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