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Helping you Grow Closer to God

Today's Broadcast: November 14

Who Do I Say That I Am? Part 1

Series: Who is Jesus, Really - Man, Myth, or Messiah?

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What would it be like to meet Jesus today? Not the Jesus who was here on earth, but if you met Him, face to face as He is now, what would He be like? If you want to find out, join Chip as he continues this series, “Who is Jesus Really - Man, Myth or Messiah.” Message Notes Archive Special Offers
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Helping you Grow Closer to God

Living on the Edge

Helping You Grow Closer to God

You are loved, unique, and your life has a purpose.

The God who created you wants to help you discover His love, grow in His grace, connect with His family and fulfill your purpose.

Help Me Grow

"Chip's ministry has helped me through so many of life's trials. So grateful for him and his ministry. He truly has a heart for God's people." 

- Debrah -

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November 14, 2018

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