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Helping you Grow Closer to God

Today's Broadcast: August 21

How to Experience God When You Feel Like a Nobody, Going Nowhere, Part 2

Series: Finding God When You Need Him Most

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Scripture: Psalm 139
You’ve probably heard that God created you as a one-of-a-kind treasure and He’s got a great plan for you life. But you may not know how to tap into it. In fact, you may not understand how important you really are! Chip explains how you can begin to experience God when you feel like a nobody going nowhere. Message Notes Archive Special Offers
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Helping you Grow Closer to God

Living on the Edge

Helping You Grow Closer to God

You are loved, unique, and your life has a purpose.

The God who created you wants to help you discover His love, grow in His grace, connect with His family and fulfill your purpose.

Help Me Grow

"I am blessedly undone by Chip's teaching. The message on 'status quo' took the ground from under my feet. Another hit! Thanks so much!" 

- David -

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August 21, 2018

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