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Teachers: Earn Biblical Studies Credits with these ASCI-Approved  Resources

Many of our resources are approved by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) to fulfill teacher certification requirements (CEU’s).

The ACSI Teacher Certification process provides professional credentials for Christian school educators at all levels and in all disciplines. Establishing and maintaining the certification of staff and administration is an essential step toward professional credibility and growth. Please visit the ACSI Website for more information.

  • CEU Units were updated per ASCI in August 2023

** The following resources have been approved for Biblical Studies credit **

Course ID Course Name Hours Needed CEU Units
ACSI201550566 Ancient Paths to Intimacy with God * 6 6 *resource no longer available for purchase
ACSI201550528 Authentic 10 7.20
ACSI201550525 Balancing Life’s Demands 7 7
ACSI18252 Biblical Priorities * 8 6 *resource no longer available for purchase
ACSI201550532 Culture Shock 8 7.80
ACSI201550567 Diabolical 6 6
ACSI201550700 Doing Good 6 6
ACSI19480 Finding God When You Need Him Most 7 6
ACSI13412 Five Lies that Ruin Relationships * 6 6 *resource no longer available for purchase
ACSI14394 God as He Longs for You to See Him * 7 6 *resource no longer available for purchase
ACSI17772 God’s Boundaries for Abundant Living 10 6
ACSI17242 Good to Great in God’s Eyes 10 6
ACSI19829 Holy Ambition 6 6
ACSI18699 How To Be A Christian Without Being Religious * 6 6 *resource no longer available for purchase
ACSI15244 How to Land the Job of Your Dreams * 6 6 *resource no longer available for purchase
ACSI16652 How to Rebuild Your Broken World * 6 6 *resource no longer available for purchase
ACSI10828 Invisible War 6 6
ACSI201550353 Keep Pressing Ahead 7 7
ACSI20446 Let My People Think * 8 8 *resource no longer available for purchase
ACSI201551668 Love One Another 10 10
ACSI12261 Miracle of Life Change * 6 6 *resource no longer available for purchase
ACSI201550804 Overcoming Emotions That Destroy 7 6
ACSI20146 R-12 – Becoming a Romans 12 Christian 6 6 *resource no longer available for purchase
ACSI201550530 Rebuilding Your Broken World 6 6 *resource no longer available for purchase
ACSI201550793 Spiritual Simplicity 6 6
ACSI201550534 Transformed 8 7.80
ACSI201550565 True Spirituality – Becoming A Romans 12 Christian 8 7.80
ACSI19105 Why I Believe 6 6
ACSI15993 Your Divine Design 6 6
*You can still receive credit for the resources that are no longer available for purchase*

How to Get Started

–  Check with your school administrator

–  Choose & order your resource

  • CD/MP3 resources have free message notes available on our web site HERE
  •  Some series are also available as a DVD study. You will need to complete the study guide. Each study guide has a code for streaming the videos online – or you can purchase a DVD (same messages either way, some people just prefer the DVD.)

–  Complete your series study. (The “Hours Needed” for each study includes time watching/listening to the message, completing the study guide or message notes and discussing with a group.

–  Complete the CEU application and return to Living on the Edge with your $10 application fee.

– Once received we will mail you a CEU certificate with an approval code and you can present the certificate to your school and/or ACSI for your official credit towards your credentials.