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Discover Your True Self

How to Silence the Lies of Your Past and Actually Experience Who God Says You Are

Who are you? Who says so? You? Your family? Your friends? From the first two chapters of the book of Ephesians, Chip helps you discover who God says you are as a believer in Christ. Understanding your position, the freedom, and the power you possess as a child of the Most-High God, enables you to move beyond the struggles and the uncertainty we all experience to living an amazing life of peace and assurance. It equips you to serve others with humility and patience and it empowers you to forgive and share with lavish generosity. People will wonder what your story is and with the help of this series, you’ll be able to answer with confidence.

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You are Wanted, Part 1

Do you struggle with a past that keeps you from the peace and power Christ says is yours the moment you trust Him as Savior? Chip addresses that past to help you believe you are loved and wanted by the Creator of heaven and earth.

You are Wanted, Part 2

Do you ever wonder how you came to see yourself the way you do? In this program, Chip explains that every decision or choice we make is rooted in our self-image – good or bad. He opens God’s Word to reveal the positive self-image God wants us to enjoy.

You are Valuable, Part 1

Why do we pose and put on a persona that isn't us, just to impress other people? Chip tells us it's because we don't believe what God has already said is true of us, as believers in Christ. How do we learn to believe? Join Chip to find out.

You are Valuable, Part 2

Did you know there’s a lie most of us believe, that destines us to search for significance but never find it? The lie goes like this: "Other people’s opinion… plus my performance… equals my value." Join Chip and learn how to bury that lie forever.

You are Secure, Part 1

Fear is real and fear is powerful but as a believer in Christ, you can see fear for what it is and stand strong. By the power of the Holy Spirit, you can function in the face of fear. Do you believe that? Join Chip to learn that you are absolutely secure.

You are Secure, Part 2

In the midst of fearful times, do you know GOD offers security that can’t be changed by any person or circumstance? No boss, no mate, no illness, no crime, no job loss, no violence, not even the death of someone we love can touch the security we have in Christ. Chip opens the book of Ephesians to explain how that works.

You are Competent, Part 1

Shame is a powerful, debilitating emotion that causes us to withdraw from others. Sometimes we even engage in self-destructive behavior to try to make up for it somehow. Chip helps us learn how to overcome the shame in our lives.

You are Competent, Part 2

Shame is a powerful emotion that causes us to feel inferior or be driven to excess to prove that we matter. Join Chip as he answers the question: How do we overcome the shame in our lives?

You are Beautiful, Part 1

What do you do when you hear nice things about yourself but in your heart of hearts you just don't believe it? You can brush compliments aside - but what if it's God? How do you overcome feelings that get in the way of believing good things God says about you? Don't miss this program.

You are Beautiful, Part 2

God has gifted and prepared you to do a good work that only you can do. Do you believe that? Chip opens the book of Ephesians to encourage you and give you a handful of tools that’ll help you pursue that good work with a gusto you never thought possible!

You are Called, Part 1

No matter how old we are, a lot of us have a thought that pops up every now and then that goes like this: "When I grow up, I'm gonna - " and you can fill in the blank. Do you know that God knows what that is? He has a plan! And it's unique to you because no one else has your genes, your family, your personality, your gifts - it's His design, just for you. Chip explains how to get headed in the right direction.

You are Called, Part 2

Remember the first time someone hired you? They looked you in the eye and said, “You’re the one we want”? In this program, far beyond a job, Chip explains God wants you on HIS team… to belong, to be secure, and to share His love with others.