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Easter - You Gotta Die

The Counterintuitive Path to Life

When everything around you feels like it’s falling apart, when the chaos and dysfunction you see in the world and – closer to home – in your own life, how do you fix it? In this message, Chip tells us God has an amazing plan but on the face of it, it sounds a little radical. The best part? It’s how you’ll find hope – lasting hope. Don’t miss it!

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You Gotta Die, Part 1

When life comes apart, when dreams die, when relationships break - how do you put it all back together? In this program, Chip offers a solution but it sounds like a rotten idea. He tells us, “You gotta die.” Sound crazy? Join Chip to discover the amazing plan God has for guiding us through whatever comes our way.

You Gotta Die, Part 2

The world’s chaos and dysfunction can be pretty overwhelming. But when we see chaos and dysfunction in our own lives, we can feel paralyzed - like there’s no hope. In this program, Chip tells us God’s shouting from the rooftops, “There’s hope! I sent you hope!” Where’s God’s hope? How do you get it? That’s where Chip’s headed - don’t miss it!