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God's Wisdom for Building Great Relationships

Relationships can be tough. Everyone has expectations of how relationships should work. Whether it’s our behaviors, words, spending habits, how to raise children, or views of God – these factors affect how we interact with others. In this series, Chip explores eight essential life lessons that will help you build GREAT relationships that last!

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Knowing God is the Prerequisite to Loving Others, Part 1

In this program, Chip tells us an amazing thing happens when we love others the way they are – the same way God loves US; they have a change of mind. They think differently about God after that, they think differently about you, and they think differently about themselves.

Knowing God is the Prerequisite to Loving Others, Part 2

In this program, Chip reveals how Jesus modeled His relationship with His heavenly Father. He trusted that God would provide generously, without condemnation. Chip tells us that’s how God wants us to love others. But we’ll need some help – don’t miss this encouraging message.