can't give what you don't possess
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God's Wisdom for Building Great Relationships

Relationships can be tough. Everyone has expectations of how relationships should work. Whether it’s our behaviors, words, spending habits, how to raise children, or views of God – these factors affect how we interact with others. In this series, Chip explores eight essential life lessons that will help you build GREAT relationships that last!

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It All Begins with God

Chip opens this series by reminding us that because EVERYTHING begins with God, we need to choose His Word as the handbook for relational guidelines.

Everyone is Desperately Insecure

In this program, Chip goes all the way back to Genesis 3 to reveal the basis for our universal insecurity. He tells us it’s the human condition; and while some people hide it way better than others, it’s still true of all of us.

Everyone Acts in a Way that Makes Sense to Them

In this program, Chip gives us two key lessons that’ll help you navigate others’ behavior, especially when it makes no sense to you, and you’re about ready to - no, don’t. Join Chip instead!

You Can't Give Away What You Don't Possess

From Ephesians 5, Chip explains that if we’re not operating out of the love we already have, as a beloved child of God, we tend to operate out of dysfunctional means to manipulate, pretend, or image-cast, to get people to affirm and love us. Chip helps us understand we are to become imitators of God. The question is - How do we do what feels impossible? Join Chip and find out.

Knowing God is the Prerequisite to Loving Others, Part 1

In this program, Chip tells us an amazing thing happens when we love others the way they are – the same way God loves US; they have a change of mind. They think differently about God after that, they think differently about you, and they think differently about themselves.

Knowing God is the Prerequisite to Loving Others, Part 2

In this program, Chip reveals how Jesus modeled His relationship with His heavenly Father. He trusted that God would provide generously, without condemnation. Chip tells us that’s how God wants us to love others. But we’ll need some help – don’t miss this encouraging message.

Comparison Always Leads to Carnality

In this program, Chip gives us three key habits that’ll revolutionize the way you relate to God, to others, and to yourself. If you’re ready for a fresh start in doing relationships God’s way, you’ll find this message incredibly helpful.

Right Relationships are Always More Important than Being Right, Part 1

In this program, Chip explains that an argument is a business deal – when conflict starts and relationships break down, usually our significance, our acceptance, or our security feels attacked. And we feel like we have to stand up for our rights. Chip opens Colossians 3 to reveal that as the beloved of God, we can approach potential conflicts from a completely different point of view.

Right Relationships are Always More Important than Being Right, Part 2

What does it mean to “let the peace of Christ rule in your heart?” How do we do that? In this program, Chip explains, from Colossians 3, exactly how it works and how, when it really begins to happen, our attitudes and our relationships take on a whole new complexion.

The Only Person I Can Change is Me, Part 1

In this program, Chip introduces a common condition he calls, “Chronic Relatititis.” When you’ve tried all kinds of ways to change someone and you’re still bumping up against the same old issues, there’s only one thing to do. Join Chip as he opens Luke, Chapter 6 for the solution.

The Only Person I Can Change is Me, Part 2

Chip wraps up this series with a look at how to treat what he calls, “Chronic Relatititus.” It’s a condition that presents as frustration with someone whose behavior is driving you nuts, and it just isn’t changing. He explains that through it all, peace CAN rule in your heart. Join Chip to find out how.