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He Holds Me Forever

Do you ever wish that you could experience love and relationships at a deeper level? For most of us, giving and receiving love in a healthy, God-honoring, and others-centered way does not come easily or naturally. Theresa Ingram shares her journey through broken relationships and a painful past that drove her to discover the truth about love and relationships, and how that discovery has set her free to love others and herself.

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How Great a Love, Part 1

How many times have you said to yourself, “If I’d only known -” Knowing changes our conversations. It changes our attitudes. Knowing changes our priorities. In this program, Theresa Ingram talks about one of those priceless, “If I’d only known -” revelations about the greatest love we can ever know.

How Great a Love, Part 2

People aren’t perfect. No matter how much we wish it were otherwise, they let us down. And no matter how hard we try, the fact is, we let them down, too. Do you know there’s a love that never, ever fails? Join Theresa Ingram for this program, as she shares a very personal story about how she learned God’s love never fails.

Held Tightly by His Promises, Part 1

Do you feel defined by your mistakes? No matter what you’ve gone through, what you see as a damaged or tattered life, God sees every one of His children as a masterpiece, displaying His glory. If you’re struggling to believe that’s true, join Theresa Ingram, as she shares her story and why we can hold on to God’s promises.

Held Tightly by His Promises, Part 2

Have you noticed that life’s greatest disappointments come after your greatest anticipation? They’re proportional. In this program, Theresa Ingram shares one of the greatest disappointments in her life - and then, the REST of the story. Don’t miss it!

Teddy Bear Hugs from Above, Part 1

One of the things we know about Jesus, He was practical. He told the disciples to feed a crowd and then provided the food. He taught about grace and then rescued a woman caught in adultery. He taught about serving one another, and then died on the cross, as the ultimate sacrifice. Practical love is powerful. In this program, Theresa Ingram brings a message about the practical love of Christ that meets you right where you are - when you need it the most.

Teddy Bear Hugs from Above, Part 2

Near the end of His time on earth, Jesus told His disciples, I have a new commandment for you; from this point forward, I want you to love one another, as I have loved you. Which begs the question: How do we do the impossible? Theresa Ingram answers that question by sharing the practicalities of what it looks like to love like Jesus loved.

A Great Big Hug that Lasts Forever, Part 1

Some people hug better than other people. Sometimes it feels like you’re hugging a 2 x 4, and other times it’s so soft and cushy it almost feels like you can’t breathe. Great aunts hug that way! Did you know God loves to give hugs? He does! How does He do that? Theresa Ingram answers that question in this program.

A Great Big Hug that Lasts Forever, Part 2

Special moments with people we love are priceless. And once in awhile we experience the pure joy of gathering and really enjoying one another’s company. Do you know God’s preparing a place where His children will enjoy those priceless relationships - forever? Theresa Ingram reminds us that that’s God’s promise.