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I Choose Hope

How to Face Your Future with Confidence

We all hope in something or someone. The question is: Will your hope deliver? In uncertain times, hope can waver. Families are under assault, the global economy is tenuous, and violence is on the rise. Is it possible to live confidently in such alarming times? In this series, from the book of Philippians, Chapter 3, Chip explains what God has to say about our future and our fears. He’ll teach us how we can face tomorrow, and each day that follows, with certainty and hope that never fails.

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Finding Hope, Part 1

A person can only survive only so long without food or water. But did you know that some experts say we can't survive at all without hope? Join Chip as he explains every person has an HQ - a Hope Quotient - and why it matters!

Finding Hope, Part 2

Did you know that wherever we put our hope - that's what we worship? Interesting idea. So what happens if we worship false hope? On the other hand, what happens if we worship true hope? Join Chip to find out.

Experiencing Hope, Part 1

In the hussle and grind of everyday life - are you experiencing hope that helps you face the day to day with confidence? How do you get that kind of hope? Join Chip as he opens God's Word to reveal, through the life of the Apostle Paul, how to have hope and confidence that never waver.

Experiencing Hope, Part 2

Here's a crazy thought: Suffering is actually essential for spiritual growth and maturity - not exactly what everyone's preaching these days. Join Chip as he explains how the experience of suffering can bring us closer to Christ.

Pursuing Hope, Part 1

For many, finding hope in success, fame, or wealth has proven futile. For others, hope in a person has proved disappointing and painful. So, if you're looking for hope that actually delivers, where do you look? Join Chip to find out.

Pursuing Hope, Part 2

In this program, Chip lays out three key takeaways regarding spiritual maturity - what it is not, what it is, and what we gain from it.

Knowing Hope

We hope in all kinds of things. True hope delivers transformation, but false hope delivers tragedy. They both deliver - but they're not both helpful or good. In this program, Chip joins the Apostle Paul in a plea for you to choose hope that can deliver - life!