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Interview with Chip and Theresa

Insights from 45 Years of Marriage

Have you ever seen those couples on the news who have been together for decades? How did they make it? And how are they still just as happy and in love as when they first met? In this short series, Chip and Theresa Ingram will reveal their secret as they reflect on 45 years of marriage. They’ll explain how an authentic, committed relationship with God has been their foundation for the past 4 decades. Discover the ways a God-first marriage can lead to deeper intimacy with your spouse, strength in difficult seasons, and a happier home.


Our Journey with Jesus and Each Other

Have you ever wondered how couples can stay committed to one another for decades? While also still genuinely enjoying each other’s company? In this program, we’ll hear how that’s absolutely possible through a heartwarming conversation between Chip and Theresa Ingram. They’ll look back at 45 years of marriage and share some helpful advice and wisdom that’s rooted in their unwavering vow to God and His Word.

Practices that Strengthened Our Marriage

What are some habits that make for a deep, intimate marriage? Not one that’s perfect but one where both husband and wife work well together. In this program, Chip and Theresa Ingram will highlight a few as they continue reflecting on 45 years of marriage. They’ll explain how practices like praying and studying the Bible, paying bills together, and having a weekly date – have strengthened their commitment to God, each other, and their family.

Overcoming Our Biggest Challenges

Ask any couple and they’ll tell you - marriage is hard - especially when disagreements arise and personalities clash. So how can couples endure? In this program, we’ll learn some helpful ‘how-tos’ through the final part of Chip and Theresa Ingram’s conversation. Hear how they worked through challenges in their marriage over the last 45 years by remaining close to God and holding tight to His promises.