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The Awesome Power of Encouragement

Do you know someone who needs a spiritual “shot in the arm?” Do you long to receive encouragement from others and be the kind of person who brings out others’ highest potential? First Thessalonians is the Apostle Paul’s game plan for encouraging believers. This book teaches practical ways to bring hope and love into the lives of those you care about most, and also presents the New Testament’s clearest teaching about the future of the Church – the rapture.

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How to Help Others Over Life's Humps, Part 1

Encouragement - an affirming pat on the back, a brief comment of appreciation, even a simple little smile can spell the difference between a good day and a bad one. This message launches a series Chip calls, “LIFT! The Awesome Power of Encouragement.”

How To Rescue Those in Spiritual Danger, Part 2

When a friend is slipping away from the faith, what do you do? Chip gets very specific about how to rescue those in spiritual danger.

How to Give Hope to the Fearful and Help to the Fearless, Part 2

Are there things that should frighten you? According to scripture there are. Chip explains what a few of those things are, why we should be concerned, and then what to do about it.