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Love in Action

The Possum Trot Story

Right now, all across the United States, close to half a million kids are in the foster care system. Half a million! So how should the body of Christ respond to this pressing issue? In this special program, Chip sits down with Joe Knittig, CEO of the Global Orphan Project and Executive Producer of the movie, “Sound of Hope”. They discuss this powerful new film that follows the real-life story of a small church in Possum Trot, Texas, who loved and cared for vulnerable kids in their community – in an unbelievable way. Don’t miss their story and the part every believer can play in a movement to end the foster care crisis in America.


Love in Action

Would you believe that almost half a million kids are in foster care right now? So how should Christians in the U.S. respond? In this program, you will hear about the new movie “Sound of Hope”, which sheds light on this pressing and challenging crisis. Experience the true story of a little church in Possum Trot, Texas, that started a movement by radically caring for the hurting kids in their community.