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Not Beyond Reach

How to Share Jesus with the Young, the Deconstructed, and the Non-Religious

Are you – as a parent or grandparent – concerned about the spiritual health of your kids? Do you sense they’re drifting from the Christian faith they grew up with? Or have they perhaps already outright rejected it? In this series, guest teacher Aaron Pierce – from an international missions organization called Steiger – has some hope and direction for us. He’ll unpack a sequence of intentional conversations you can use to better understand and reconnect with your kids, and lead them to Jesus. Learn why today’s young people are prime to hear the saving message of the Gospel and how you can share it with them.

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Understanding the Secular Culture, Part 2

Are you struggling to keep up with all the trending worldviews and pop culture beliefs that are out there? Well, in this program, our guest teacher Aaron Pierce will give us some help as he picks up in his series, Not Beyond Reach. Learn the primary influences and philosophies of young people today and how seeing the world through their eyes helps us better connect with them.

Softening Hearts with Spiritual Conversations, Part 1

Have you ever heard of a sole plate before? In the construction world, it’s a small but integral piece of wood that sits on top of a home’s foundation. Without it, you couldn’t build the floors or walls above. In this program, our guest teacher Aaron Pierce continues his series, Not Beyond Reach. Hear the vital step we need to take to connect our lost friends to the anchoring hope of the Gospel.