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Priceless Christmas

This Christmas, how do you give your children what money can’t buy? We all desire to give gifts of significant value, but what does that really look like? What “Priceless” gifts can we give? In this series, Chip unpacks 5 key areas that tend to make or break our children and gives solid biblical insight and practical steps for managing those 5 important life skills. As a parent, or grandparent, you want to give your child every advantage in life. A “Priceless” Christmas gives you the tools to help your child develop godly character and important life-skills. Your life, their lives, and the lives of generations to come will never be the same.

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Teach Them to Suffer Well, Part 1

As Christmas approaches, if you could give your children anything, what would it be? Chip talks about gifts for your family that they will remember for years to come.

Teach Them to Suffer Well, Part 2

Suffering is unavoidable. We live in a fallen world where pain and evil exist. The way we choose to view our suffering changes us forever. Chip reveals how we can turn suffering into a tool God can use to make us the people we long to become.

Teach Them to Manage Their Money, Part 1

Of all the “talks” you need to have with your children, there is one that we avoid like no other. In fact, most parents have never had this “talk” with their pre-teen or teenage children - yet it is an area that can direct the course of their entire lives. So, in this message, Chip is going to give us that talk. Oh! and it’s not about sex.

Teach Them to Manage Their Money, Part 2

When it comes to gifts, who doesn’t like getting cash? We can all use more money, right? The question is, what are you going to do with those dollars when you get them? Chip gets very practical as we look at how to manage our money and at the same time give our children a priceless Christmas gift this year.

Teach Them to Make Wise Choices, Part 1

When your kids are faced with a big decision - an important choice - do they know how to evaluate their options? Helping your children make wise choices can save them, and you, years of heartache and pain.

Teach Them to Make Wise Choices, Part 2

What's the process for making good decisions? And in a world where morality is a relative term, how do you make wise choices? Chip lays out four ways to help your children evaluate their circumstances and make choices they'll be glad they made.

Teach Them Failure is Never Final, Part 1

Have you ever messed up big time? I mean major failure - the kind that even years later you cringe when you think about it. Chip shares how you can begin again - how you can be restored and rediscover the joy you once knew.

Teach Them Failure is Never Final, Part 2

The entire Christian life is grace - from start to finish. The question is, are your kids receiving grace from you when they fail? Chip unpacks four simple ways to begin to teach your children that failure is never final, and grace is always available.

Teach Them to Work "Unto the Lord", Part 1

How do you help your child pick a career path? What factors are most important for them to consider when evaluating a potential job? Chip explains that, according to Scripture, choosing the right career has little to do with money, power, or location.

Teach Them to Work "Unto the Lord", Part 2

Are you in a “can-do” job? You know, the kind of job that you “can” do, but deep down you really dislike - maybe even despise. Do you quit? Buck for a promotion? Go back to school? Chip reveals how you can discover God’s plan for your work life.