Let's talk about relationships part 1, part 2
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Q&A with Chip Ingram

Relationships – we all have them…. parents, kids, in-laws, spouses, friends. Some are the best, some are the worst. Some are easy, some are difficult. Some bring blessing, some bring pain. In this series, Chip answers your questions about relationships and talks about why they work, why they don’t, and what we can do to make them better.

Let's Talk About Relationships - How to Hang In When You Want to Bail Out

For this program, we chose your questions that have to do with marriage. Whether you’ve been married for many years or are just starting out, Chip’s addressing common challenges to all marriages. Issues like expectations, trust, how to own your part of what needs fixing, and how to hang in when it seems like nothing’s changing. And he shares a great testimony to God’s blessing and reward for unwavering perseverance.

Let's Talk About Relationships - Marriage & Money

In this program, Chip addresses your questions about finances, joint vs. separate accounts, and how to balance financial responsibilities inside a marriage relationship. He also answers questions about Christian responsibility to speak the truth in love in the current context of gender fluidity and alternative sexuality: how do we engage and keep a candid conversation going? And finally, questions about sexual baggage, like pornography and infidelity, in a dating or marriage relationship.

Let's Talk About Relationships - Setting Healthy Boundaries

This program’s jam-packed with answers to your questions on a range of topics: Family conflict, ongoing disfunction, what’s a Christian’s biblical response? Is there a difference between forgiveness and reconciliation? How do you know when to set boundaries? In-laws; how to handle dangerous, toxic relationships; and how to stop past relationship insecurities from ruining a new relationship.

Let's Talk About Relationships - Balancing Your Kids' Use of Technology

In this program, Chip answers your questions on a broad range of topics: What does it mean to honor your parents when you’re an adult? What about in-laws and standing up for your spouse? What are appropriate boundaries? How to encourage a loving husband and father to become a spiritual leader in the home? And finally, sibling conflict in the home and how do parents wisely monitor and control their children’s use of technology and social media?