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Real Love in Real Life

How to Find it, Grow it, and Keep it... Forever!

Real Love in Real Life is a rubber-meets-the-road, 5-part series that covers key issues we all struggle with in every relationship. Whether in marriage, friendship, family, dating, or work, this series will help you discover root causes of failures and dysfunction in relationships. Chip shares how to get beyond insecurities – to be bold in sharing hearts rather than just exchanging words. And he has this crazy idea that God is actually interested in your love life – that there’s a secret to real romance and God’s interested in revealing it to you. This series will deepen every relationship and help you genuinely give love and receive it in return.

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Four Kinds of Love, Part 1

What does love mean? Have you ever had times in your life when you just thought, “You know what? I have no idea what love means!” As Chip opens this series, he explains that we CAN know what love really means and how to genuinely give it and get it in return.

Four Kinds of Love, Part 2

If someone were to tell you, “God loves you…” would you believe it, or would you have a little check in your spirit that says, “Yeah, that’s a nice idea… but I’m not sure He really loves ME.” In this message, Chip tells us that there’s absolutely no doubt that God loves you and that He can PROVE it!

Four Barriers to Love, Part 1

There is no doubt about it – when love and relationships are going great life is wonderful. But the fact of the matter is our deepest sorrows and our deepest challenges revolve around relationships. Chip uncovers two of the biggest barriers that shut down relationships and how to overcome them.

Four Barriers to Love, Part 2

We all long to experience real love and intimacy. But if we’re ever going to get there we need to overcome 2 barriers that are common to everyone and block us. Chip reveals these 2 barriers so we can recognize and overcome them. If you’re ready to start experiencing intimacy at a whole new level, this message is for you.

Communication: Sharing Hearts Not Just Words, Part 1

Are there certain relationships in your life that just seem to be one long fight all the time? No matter what the subject is, even with all your good intentions, it just seems to spiral into arguments? In this message, Chip’s got a couple of keys to communication that’ll, literally, change everything!

Communication: Sharing Hearts Not Just Words, Part 2

What do duct tape and communication skills have to do with one another? Curious? Then you need to join Chip as he explains a trick he learned that’ll change everything about the way you communicate in all kinds of relationships.

The Secret to Real Romance, Part 1

What would you think of an inventor who designed a model that failed, but instead of fixing the design, he just kept building the same model over and over? Well, that’s the way a lot of people are living their love life these days and they can’t figure out why they keep crashing and burning. Chip explains that there’s a model for the secret to real romance that really works!

The Secret to Real Romance, Part 2

Are you in a relationship that’s frustrating? Maybe a relationship that’s not going anywhere? Or has gone in a direction that you know isn’t good? Chip reveals in this message that God’s interested in your love life. Yes, you heard that right. GOD’s interested in helping you find the secret to real romance.

Why We Fight with Those We Love, Part 1

Do you ever wonder why some of the worst fights you ever have are with people you love the most? We all know it’s true. Chip tells us how to avoid those fights and really enjoy the people closest to you - and he’s not talking about just sweeping things under the rug.

Why We Fight with Those We Love, Part 2

Remember those old westerns where the fuse on the dynamite is sparking toward the powder keg and right at the last minute, the good guy stamps it out? Our emotions have a fuse, and unfortunately, sometimes those sparks lead all the way to real blowups – oftentimes with people we love the most. Chip wraps up this series by taking the lid off the root causes of our fights and blowups.