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Relational Intelligence

Taught by Chip’s son, Ryan Ingram, Relational Intelligence gives us a clear understanding of what it takes to develop intimate, life-giving, character-shaping relationships where people share a rugged commitment to one another for the long-haul. Ryan exposes the flaws in relational thinking that result in broken, disillusioned lives. He provides alternative, biblical insight into how healthy, mature, and fun relationships can be nurtured and enjoyed.

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What is Relational Intelligence?, Part 1

When you want to do something really well, you just don’t give it your best shot, you go into training, you take a class, hire a coach, or seek expert advice. In this program, with Ryan Ingram, we look into scripture to get God’s advice on how to make relationships deeper, better, and more intimate than ever before.

What is Relational Intelligence?, Part 2

Are your current relationships taking you in a direction you really want to go? If not, it's probably time to do a little assessment and make some changes. But how do you do that? In this program, with Ryan Ingram, you'll discover a healthy way to get on the right path, building relationships that bring life and joy.

Follow Your Heart, Part 1

Did you know some of the most common and repeated advice you're getting about finding love and building great relationships is a lie? In this program, Ryan Ingram reveals that lie and helps us get on a better path toward our long-term goals of love and healthy relationships.

Follow Your Heart, Part 2

God commands us to "guard our hearts with all diligence," because our relationships, decisions, actions, and words flow from our heart. Here’s the question: How do you do that? In this program, Ryan Ingram helps us find the answer.

Love is All You Need, Part 1

How is it possible to fall madly in love and know, without a shadow of a doubt, that your love will last forever - only to fall out of love, break up, separate, and maybe even divorce? Why is love so fickle? Ryan Ingram tackles that question in this program.

Love is All You Need, Part 2

What would have to happen in your most important and intimate relationships to make them a ten? Not an eight, not a nine - a ten? Second, what would you have to do in order for that to become a reality? Ryan Ingram digs into scripture to help us with the answer.

It's Just Physical, Part 1

Thanks to God's design and care for us, there's an amazing, beautiful, and powerful relationship between sexuality and spirituality. Sex has never been "just physical." In this program, Ryan Ingram, tells us why.

It's Just Physical, Part 2

What does it mean to be sexually free? Why is there such confusion among God’s people around sexuality? Ryan Ingram opens God's Word to reveal some truths about sex you may not have considered.

You Deserve to be Happy, Part 1

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, we all long to be known and accepted for who we really are. The truth is, we're all afraid that if "the real me" showed up, no one would be interested. How do we come out of hiding to find true friends, a mate, or a significant relationship? Join Ryan Ingram as he begins the answer to that question.

You Deserve to be Happy, Part 2

We've all heard the slogan: You deserve a break today. There's another one out there that goes: You deserve to be happy! If that's true, why are there so many UNhappy people out there? Maybe, in your heart of hearts, you're one of them. In this program, Ryan Ingram, opens scripture to show us how to pursue happiness in a way that actually works.