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Stop Faking It!

Live Without Hypocrisy

Nobody likes a hypocrite, and nobody wants to be one. But for some reason, living an honest, authentic life is tougher than it sounds. God calls us to walk as “children of light,” but many of us find ourselves living shadowy lives of part-time spirituality, and then wonder why our hearts feel cold and our prayers go unanswered. If you’d like to know how to live a winsome, whole and holy life, join Chip Ingram for this series from Ephesians 5.

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Why We All Hate Hypocrisy, Part 1

What can cause lifelong relationships to end suddenly? Or destroy the credibility of an honored person or institution? One word: hypocrisy. Chip begins a new series that takes on this issue of hypocrisy - we’ll find out what the scriptures say about it, how to see it for what it is, and how we can overcome it.

Why We All Hate Hypocrisy, Part 2

When you think about organized religion what comes to mind? In this message, Chip explains what God intended the Church to be - a place of authenticity and love, in order to teach His children to live lives of integrity.

How to Overcome Hypocrisy in Your Heart, Part 1

Do you want a life filled with strong relationships, personal influence, and deep meaning? Who doesn’t? And according to Jesus, you can have that kind of life. But here’s the catch: you’ve got to live without hypocrisy. So how do you do that?  That’s the topic Chip tackles in this message.

How to Overcome Hypocrisy in Your Heart, Part 2

How do you know if you’re filled with Holy Spirit? Is it a feeling? Is it a supernatural ability? Chip answers that question and then shows how the Holy Spirit helps us overcome hypocrisy.

How to Overcome Hypocrisy in Your Public Life, Part 1

Don’t you wish that there was an antidote for hypocrisy -  like a special injection you could get from your doctor that would completely rid your life of hypocrisy forever?  Chip reveals that such a remedy exists, and he’ll show you how to get it.

How to Overcome Hypocrisy in Your Public Life, Part 2

Chip unpacks how you can overcome hypocrisy in your public life by remembering a couple of very important things.

How to Overcome Hypocrisy in Your Private Life, Part 1

What is it that God wants most from you? Your time? Your money? Your talents? Perhaps what God wants most from you is - you. He wants to spend time with you. He wants a relationship with you. Chip walks us through how to build a relationship with God - who we can’t see, hear, or touch.

How to Overcome Hypocrisy in Your Private Life, Part 2

Chip wraps up this series with one of the core essentials of our walk with God - our private worship. Chip will let you in on how he does his own personal quiet time, so you can get a glimpse of a fresh, vibrant devotional time with the Lord, for the next steps on your own faith journey.